Redgate pupils put on ‘brilliant’ show

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The musical ‘Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits’ performed by year 5 and 6 students from Redgate School was described by Head Teacher Nigel Harvey as brilliant. He said: “It has amazed me how well this was all put together and performed; I was sitting at the back and I could hear every word and the singing was excellent.

“An aim of this school is to be sure that our students leave with the confidence to get up and do something; half the cast performing will be leaving us and they have clearly demonstrated this ability.

“The show has been given an extra lift this year because of the 40 fantastic costumes made by Mrs Stephanie Leonard and her two daughters Rachel and Sarah and we thank them for their very hard work.”

Narrating the show was Alakazam (Alex Caldicott). He also sang the opening number ‘At the old Bazaar’ with poise and confidence, accompanied by Year 5 teacher Mrs Helen Hitchens on piano, guitar teacher Dan Ashby and Dan’s dad Malcolm on drums.

The story followed events around the birthday of His Excellence Sultan Pepper

played by Jake Hannan.

In contrast the arch villain, Grand Vizier Mustapha Widdle (William Nicol) was scheming and manipulative and only the joint efforts of Ali Baba (Thomas Wilson), Flossy Baba (Melody Stokes), Princess Satsuma (Rose Richardson) and the Genie of the Ketchup (Kaylee Burton) were able to overcome him and his devious band of bandits led by Balthazar Bongo (Hassan Miah). Scarlett Martin gave a stellar performance as Sandy Sandals and the movement of Humphrey the Camel around the stage was a result of a lot of hard work from Liam Chesterman and Maddison Dixon-Wing.

Mrs Leonard said: “We really enjoyed making the costumes and decorating them with lots of sparkle, but we must apologise to all our local charity shops as we emptied them of all their sheets and quilt covers; each pair of harem pants took a metre of material to make!”

Amongst the cheering audience was Hunstanton’s Mayor Cllr Andrew Murray who described the performance as “outstanding”, Chair of Governors Rosalie Monbiot and County Councillor Richard Bird.


808: the assembled cast

812: From left Kaylee Burton, Melody Stokes, Thomas Wilson and Rose Richardson