ELECTION 2015: Conservatives hold West Norfolk constituencies

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The political map of West Norfolk remains a deep shade of blue this morning after the Conservatives retained the borough’s two Parliamentary seats.

Henry Bellingham was returned as MP for North West Norfolk with a majority of just under 14,000, ahead of Labour’s Jo Rust.

UKIP’s Toby Coke was third, ahead of the Green Party’s Michael de Whalley and Liberal Democrat Hugh Lanham.

Meanwhile, environment secretary Elizabeth Truss won a second term as MP for South West Norfolk, with a similarly comfortable majority over UKIP candidate Paul Smyth.

Labour’s Peter Smith was in third place, ahead of Rupert Moss-Eccardt for the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party’s Sandra Walmsley.

Both results were decalred at Lynnsport at around 8am, following a lengthy verification process in which counting only began at around 5.45am.

Speaking ahead of the declaration, Mr Bellingham said the results across the country, in which the Conservatives appear set to win an overall majority, were a “political earthquake.”

In her acceptance speech, Ms Truss said: “I’m extremely honoured and humbled to be again elected as a Member of Parliament for South West Norfolk.

“The last five years has been very fulfilling. I think we’ve achieved a lot but there is more to do. I’ve got a very long to do list.”

Earlier in the night, Mrs Rust admitted the results did not reflect the reaction they had been getting on the doorstep.

She said: “It’s a huge disappointment if Labour aren’t getting the level of success they deserve. The Labour party is a party for the millions not just the millionaires.

“When that’s not reflected in the mood of the nation I need to do some thinking and gain greater understanding of why that is.”

Mr Lanham, who was not on stage when his result was declared, said: “We’re paying the price for coalition. We knew we would, but it looks like we really are going to pay a high price for it.”

And Mr Smyth said: “Everybody is trying to come to terms with how wrong it would appear the polls have been. We’ve been surprised at some of the responses we’ve seen. What we can’t tell is why there appears to be a strong Conservative turnout.”

Following the declaration, Green candidate Sandra Walmsley said: “The sooner we have a voting system where we’re all equally represented, the better.”

Elsewhere, there was a rare moment of celebration for the Liberal Democrats in North Norfolk, where care minister Norman Lamb retained his deat.

And Conservative John Hayes kept his seat in South Holland and the Deepings.

Our video shows the declaration of the North West Norfolk constituency result.

Full results are as follows:

North West Norfolk

Henry Bellingham (Con) - 24,727

Jo Rust (Lab) - 10,779

Toby Coke (UKIP) 8,412

Michael de Whalley (Green) - 1,780

Hugh Lanham (Lib Dem) - 1,673

Turnout 65.6%

South West Norfolk

Elizabeth Truss (Con) - 25,515

Paul Smyth (UKIP) - 11,654

Peter Smith (Lab) - 8,644

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Lib Dem) - 2,217

Sandra Walmsley (Green) - 2,075

Turnout - 65.3%