ELECTION 2015: Tories tighten grip on district council power

Election Count gets underway at Lynnsport King's Lynn ANL-150805-111516009
Election Count gets underway at Lynnsport King's Lynn ANL-150805-111516009
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The celebrations continued for Conservative candidates and activists as the party’s grip on local politics tightened following Thursday’s elections.

It was already known that the party would take Swaffham’s three seats on the Breckland district council after Paul Darby, Shirley Matthews and Ian Sherwood were unopposed in last month’s nominations.

And they now hold 43 out of the council’s 49 seats after the results were announced on Friday.

Among the new faces to be elected was Narborough parish council chairman Peter Wilkinson, who defeated UKIP incumbent David Williams in the Nar Valley ward.

The Tories also retained control of North Norfolk District Council, holding their seats in Fakenham and the surrounding areas, while making six gains elsewhere to take their total of seats up to 33.

The area is now a two-party district as the Liberal Democrats are the only other party with seats on the council.

They lost two seats, leaving them with 15, while UKIP lost their two seats, including that previously held by their Parliamentary candidate, Michael Baker. Two independent representatives were also defeated by the Tories.

But the party’s two district candidates in Sutton Bridge, Shirley Giles and Vicky Hills, were defeated as independent candidates Chris Brewis and Michael Booth were re-elected to the South Holland district council.

However, the Tories still gained six seats to take their total representation up to 30.

The independent group lost five seats, leaving them on seven, while UKIP also won two seats.

Full results for wards in the Lynn News area are as follows:


Ashill: Frank Sharpe (Con) 755, Emma Parker (UKIP) 495, Anne Rix (Green) 237.

Bedingfeld: Mike Nairn (Con, elected unopposed).

Forest (two seats): William Nunn (Con) 712, Samuel Chapman-Allen (Con) 708, Jeffrey Prosser (Green) 324, Sandra Walmsley (Green) 278, Dennis Sully (Lab) 268, Yvonne Sully (Lab) 217.

Hermitage: Trevor Carter (Con) 1016, John Savory (UKIP) 472.

Launditch: Elizabeth Gould (Con, elected unopposed).

Nar Valley: Peter Wilkinson (Con) 816, David Williams (UKIP) 532

Necton: Nigel Wilkin (Con) 882, Joseph Sisto (Lab) 567

Swaffham (three seats): Paul Darby, Shirley Matthews, Ian Sherwood (all Con, elected unopposed).

North Norfolk

Lancaster North (two seats): Ann Claussen-Reynolds (Con) 836, Roy Reynolds (Con) 707, Janet Holdom (Lab) 609, Adrian Vertigan (Lab) 547, Julia Sandford-Cooke (Green) 280.

Lancaster South (two seats): Jeremy Punchard (Con) 847, John Rest (Con) 668, Jack Smith (UKIP) 474, Richard Crook (Lab) 423, Emma Smith (Lab) 396, Gloria Lisher (Lib Dem) 279, Barbara Wyvill C(Green) 150.

Priory (two seats): Vincent Fitzpatrick (Con) 800, Simon Hester (Con) 791, Gareth Burnell (Lib Dem) 692, Stephen Pask (Lib Dem) 679, Catherine Gates (Lab) 379, Michael Gates (Lab) 356, Patricia Sugden (Green) 186, Isabel Tipple (Green) 140.

The Raynhams: Rebecca Palmer (Con) 737, Mark Wright (Lab) 288, Jennifer Outred (Green) 239.

Walsingham: Tom Fitzpatrick (Con) 687, Keith Loads (UKIP) 244, Pamela Cowburn (Lab) 216, Jenny Fairbrass (Green) 105.

South Holland

Sutton Bridge (two seats): Chris Brewis (Ind) 839, Michael Booth (Ind) 755, Shirley Giles (Con) 539, Vicky Hills (Con) 525, Phil Scarlett (UKIP) 485.