ELECTION 2015: Who you voted for on West Norfolk Council

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Following today’s results, 50 Conservatives have been elected to the new West Norfolk Council, along with 10 Labour members and two Independents.

Here is a full list of results in each of the council’s 42 wards. Wards are single seat, except where stated.

Airfield (two seats): Geoffrey Hipperson (Con) 1256, Michael Howland (Con) 843, Samantha Cooper (UKIP) 755, Thomas Scott (UKIP) 482, Bernadette Barclay (Green) 414.

Brancaster: Elizabeth Watson (Con) 537, Robert Lawton (Ind) 300.

Burnham: Samantha Sandell (Con) 654, Simon Wilson (Lib Dem) 276.

Clenchwarton: David Whitby (Con) 654, Alexandra Kemp (Ind) 597.

Denton (three seats): Adrian Lawrence (Con) 1745, Martin Storey (Con) 1738, Mick Peake (Con) 1538, Thomas Edwards (UKIP) 1274, Sebastian Polhill (Lab) 606, Alun Ryves (Lab) 588, Philip Davies (Lab) 467.

Dersingham (two seats): Anthony Bubb (Con) 1419, Judith Collingham (Con) 1274, John Houston (UKIP) 855, Erika Coward (Lib Dem) 478, Richard Coward (Lib Dem) 435.

Docking: Andrew Morrison (Con) 761, Jeremy Wilson (Lab) 293

Downham Old Town: Kathleen Mellish (Con) 562, Samantha Gipson (Lab) 258, Conrad Brown (UKIP) 252, John Doyle (Ind) 164

East Downham: Jacqueline Westrop (Con) 865, Heather Fouracre (Lab) 490.

Emneth with Outwell (two seats): Christopher Crofts (Con) 1226, Harry Humphrey (Con) 1208, Anthony Jackson (UKIP) 999.

Fairstead (two seats): Margaret Wilkinson (Lab) 753, Ian Gourlay (Lab) 727, James Perkins (UKIP) 599, Ronald Mortimer (Con) 593, Jonathan Williamson (Con) 469.

Gayton: Alistair Beales (Con) 755, David Costin (UKIP) 398, Nigel Walker (Green) 165.

Gaywood Chase (two seats): Sandra Collop (Lab) 753, John Collop (Lab) 724, Ivan Goodson (Con) 712, Michael Stone (UKIP) 649, Christopher Wherrell (Con) 503.

Gaywood North Bank (three seats): Mark Shorting (Con) 1451, Patrick Rochford (Con) 1213, Thomas Smith (Con) 1040, Elizabeth Barclay (UKIP) 1021, Jessica Barnard (Lab) 983, Colin Davies (Lab) 899, Ian Pritchard (Lab) 847, Stuart Hall (Ind) 570, Joy Franklin (Ind) 541.

Grimston: Susan Fraser (Con) 572, Michael de Whalley (Green) 454, Alan Bedwell (UKIP) 296.

Heacham (two seats): Peter Colvin (Con) 1817, Colin Manning (Con) 1313, Emilia Rust (Lab) 736, Holly Rust (Lab) 679.

Hilgay with Denver: Tony White (Con), elected unopposed

Hunstanton (three seats): Richard Bird (Ind) 1522, Paul Beal (Con) 1193, Carol Bower (Con) 1178, Andrew Murray (Ind) 1116, Andrew Jamieson (Con) 816, John Maiden (Ind) 791, John Fincham (UKIP) 700.

Marshland: Brian Long (Con) 752, Stephen Agnew (UKIP) 505.

North Downham: Geoffrey Wareham (Con) 723, Jonathan Toye (Lab) 338, Eamonn McCusker (Green) 163.

North Lynn (two seats): Andy Tyler (Lab) 770, Sandra Buck (Lab) 757, Adam Bowers (UKIP) 685, Marcelle Tweed (Con) 420, John Dobson (Con) 362.

North Wootton: Greville Howard (Con) 796, Rosalie Costin (UKIP) 320, Deborah Holman (Lab) 294.

Old Gaywood: Graham Middleton (Con) 338, Gary Howman (Lab) 278, John Corden (UKIP) 239, Rachel Lawson (Green) 141.

Priory: James Moriarty (Lab) 816, Samanda Davison (Con) 568.

Rudham: Michael Chenery (Con) 800, Andrew Carr (UKIP) 428.

Snettisham (two seats): Ian Devereux (Con) 1537, Avril Wright (Con) 1354, Richard Pennington (Lab) 636, Jean Shears (Lab) 474.

South and West Lynn (two seats): Charles Joyce (Lab) 833, Gary McGuinness (Lab) 802, Claire Garrod (Con) 799, Peter Pooley (Con) 583.

South Downham: Don Tyler (Con) 788, Ira Rose (UKIP) 383, Michael Larcey (Lab) 276

South Wootton (two seats): Nick Daubney (Con0 1648, Elizabeth Nockolds (Con) 1607, Verity Connolly (Green) 734, Ed Scholes (Green) 575.

Spellowfields (two seats): Paul Kunes (Con) 1174, Sheila Young (Cong) 865, Andrew WIlliams (UKIP) 756, Steve Everett (Lab) 150.

Springwood: Toby Wing-Pentelow (Con) 446, Kenneth Hubbard (Lab) 300, Clifford Walters (UKIP) 210, Ian Swinton (Lib Dem) 160.

St Lawrence: Barry Ayres (Con), elected unopposed.

St Margarets with St Nicholas (two seats): Lesley Bambridge (Con) 714, Claire Kittow (Lab) 554, Andrew Wilson (Con) 531, Kelly Terrey (Lab) 523, Robert Archer (Green) 402, Jonathan Burr (Green) 250.

Upwell and Delph (two seats): David Pope (Con) 1277, Vivienne Spikings (Con) 1197, Colin Rose (UKIP) 1009.

Valley Hill: Mike TIlbury (Ind) 899, Gary Hart (Con) 466.

Walpole: Richard Blunt (Con) 668, Trevor Roberts (UKIP) 501.

Walton: Roy Groom (Con), elected unopposed.

Watlington: Peter Hodson (Con) 507, Ashley Collins (UKIP) 373, Triston Finnis (Lab) 332, Ellen Taylor (Lib Dem) 103.

West Winch (two seats): Baljinder Anota (Con) 1305, Peter Gidney (Con) 1286, June Leamon (UKIP) 882, Paul Foster (UKIP) 854.

Wiggenhall: Marcus Hopkins (Con) 529, Robert Scully (UKIP) 370, Kevin Holland (Green) 229.

Wimbotsham with Fincham: Sandra Squire (Con), elected unopposed.

Wissey: Colin Sampson (Con) 737, William Whitmore (UKIP) 334, Paula Kellingray (Lab) 268.