ELECTION 2017: Conservatives win big majority in Norfolk County Council elections

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The political map of Norfolk has turned a deeper shade of blue this lunchtime after the Conservatives won a clear majority in the Norfolk County Council elections.

With all 84 divisions now declared, the Tories have 55 councillors, up 15 on the total achieved at the last county elections in 2013.

Labour have 17, up three, while the Liberal Democrats have 11, up one, and there is one independent.

The big casualties of the day were the UK Independence Party and the Greens, who both now have no seats at all.

In West Norfolk, all but two of the borough’s 14 county divisions have gone to the Conservatives, with the party gaining the Gayton and Nar Valley, Gaywood North and Central, Gaywood South, Marshland North and North Coast seats.

The only non-blue areas are Lynn North and Central, where Labour’s outgoing council chairman David Collis retained his seat, and Clenchwarton and Lynn South, where independent Alexandra Kemp was returned.

Elsewhere, Ed Colman took Swaffham for the Conservatives, defeating UKIP’s Paul Smyth.

But Liberal Democrat group leader Marie Strong held her Wells seat.

Meanwhile, election officials have confirmed that around a quarter of ballot papers in the Feltwell and Gaywood South divisions were issued without an official mark.

However, a West Norfolk Council spokesman the votes will still be counted after officers were satisfied that other procedures had been followed. The decision has also been supported by the Electoral Commission.

Results declared are as follows:

Clenchwarton and Lynn South (Independent gain from Labour): Alexandra Kemp (Ind) 1,181 votes, Chris Crofts (Con) 616, Deborah Holman (Lab) 312, Trevor Roberts (UKIP) 132.

Dersingham (Conservative hold): Stuart Dark (Con) 2,445, Ed Robb (Lab) 530, Harry Lane (Lib Dem) 352.

Docking (Conservative hold): Michael Chenery (Con) 1,856, Adrianne Lake (Lab) 498, David Mills (Lib Dem) 351.

Downham (Conservative hold): Tony White (Con) 1,677, Jackie Crookston (Lab) 405, Josie Ratcliffe (Lib Dem) 368, David Williams (UKIP) 309.

Fakenham (Conservative hold): Tom FitzPatrick (Con), 1,321, Hugh Lanham (Lib Dem), 556, Imogen Bruce (Lab) 352, Jack Smith (UKIP) 202, Jenny Outred (Green) 80.

Fincham (Conservative hold): Brian Long (Con) 1,640, Sam Hipson (Lab) 470, Ashley Collins (UKIP) 361, Carol Renard (Lib Dem) 294.

Freebridge Lynn (Conservative hold): Simon Eyre (Con) 1,535, Michael de Whalley (Green) 483, Wilfred Lambert (Lab) 353, Simon Wells (Lib Dem 182), Christine Perkins (UKIP) 130.

Gayton and Nar Valley (Conservative gain from UKIP): Graham Middleton (Con) 1,577, Natasha Morgan (Lab) 460, Andrew Nixon (Lib Dem) 289, John Corden (UKIP) 226.

Gaywood North and Central (Conservative gain from UKIP): Sheila Young (Con) 871, John Collop (Lab) 621, Jim Perkins (UKIP) 226, Ian Swinton (Lib Dem) 120, Patrick Rochford (Ind) 71.

Gaywood South (Conservative gain from Labour): Thomas Smith (Con) 857, Margaret Wilkinson (Lab) 758, Robert Colwell (Lib Dem) 370, Michael Stone (UKIP) 230.

Lynn North and Central (Labour hold): David Collis (Lab) 716, Toby Wing-entelow (Con) 470, Matty Hannay (UKIP) 198, Richard Coward (Lib Dem) 153.

Necton and Launditch (Conservative hold): Mark Kiddle-Morris (Con) 2,477, Joe Sisto (Lab) 838.

North Coast (Conservative gain from Independent): Andrew Jamieson (Con) 1,891, Christine Hudson (Lab) 395, Simon Wilson (Lib Dem) 255, Debbie Le May (UKIP) 210.

Swaffham (Conservative gain from UKIP): Ed Colman (Con) 1,577, Paul Smyth (UKIP) 473, Philip Wagstaff (Lab) 391, Kate Sayer (Lib Dem) 215.

The Brecks (Conservative hold): Fabian Eagle (Con) 2,131, Brenda Canham (Lab) 355, Sandra Walmsley (Green) 250, James Minto (Lib Dem) 225.

Wells (Liberal Democrat hold): Marie Strong (Lib Dem) 1,775, Becky Palmer (Con) 782, Stephen Burke (Lab) 180, John Dymond (UKIP) 106, Kara Betts (Green) 74.