ELECTION 2017: Your county council candidates in North Norfolk

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Today, voters will have the chance to choose who they want to represent their areas on Norfolk County Council for the next four years.

New councillors will be elected in each of 84 divisions across the county, including 14 in West Norfolk and five in other neighbouring areas.

Polling stations opened at 7am this morning and will remain open until 10pm tonight. The votes will be counted tomorrow.

Here are the candidates standing for divisions in our part of North Norfolk.


Imogen Bruce (Labour)

I have your interests at heart and will work hard for you.

I worked in Fakenham Library for 13 years, in education and the NHS, so am keen to support public services under threat. I was also a Unison steward so workers’ rights are important to me.

I love amateur dramatics and keeping active and place great importance on the value of leisure and culture.

My children work in care and young people’s struggle to be independent concerns me. As Melton Constable parish councillor I raised funds for outdoor gym and play equipment.

Tom FitzPatrick (Conservative)

I have been privileged to represent the Fakenham Division for four years.

I support local community services, from Cranmer House to our library. I worked to keep our recycling centre open, increase what goes into our green bins, tackle fly-tipping and litter and will continue this.

I support growing Fakenham’s manufacturing base, as well as helping new businesses get established and provide more jobs.

Better mobile coverage, and faster broadband, is still needed, particularly in rural communities, and I will continue working on this.

Your concerns are my concerns and I am seeking to continue to work hard for you.

Hugh Lanham (Liberal Democrat)

I have lived near Fakenham for 14 years. My children went to school here and I am very attached to the town and to the area. Now retired, I look forward to giving my time as a county councillor.

The county council faces all manner of challenges as budgets are cut and demands on services increase. Particular concerns for me include care, education, Fakenham’s commercial vitality, the area’s attractiveness, roads, infrastructure and affordable housing.

I will work hard, listen and use my private sector skills and experience to drive forwards the best outcomes possible for the people of the division.

Other candidates standing for whom statements were not submitted: Jenny Outred (Green Party), Jack Smith (UK Independence Party).


Stephen Burke (Labour)

I have 12 years’ experience as a local councillor and am actively involved in improving health, housing, care and support for older people.

My priorities if elected would be to attract investment in infrastructure for our rural and coastal communities such as better broadband, roads, transport and coastal protection; to improve services for older people and children and families; and to enable all Norfolk’s residents to benefit from our great county with more jobs that offer fair pay and affordable housing.

Becky Palmer (Conservative)

My name is Becky Palmer and I am a tennis coach and local district councillor.

I am also a musician who performs throughout the year with two local bands supporting a wide range of events both for charities and local communities.

I hope you will support me: I believe that all communities should be given a strong voice and that the key issues for everybody in the Wells Division should be acted upon whether that’s potholes, coastal bus services, broadband or anything else.

Marie Strong (Liberal Democrat)

Marie Strong is Leader of Norfolk County Council Liberal Democrat group and stands on her record of being a hardworking and committed councillor.

She has been instrumental in the all-party campaign for better broadband access and mobile phone connectivity. Apart from economic development Marie would enjoy the challenge of progressing better broadband for all, as well as flood protection, education, highways and transport issues.

Other candidates standing for whom statements were not submitted: Kara Betts (Green Party), John Dymond (UK Independence Party).