ELECTION 2017: Your county council hopefuls in West Norfolk

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Today, voters have the chance to choose who they want to represent their areas on Norfolk County Council for the next four years.

New councillors will be elected in each of 84 divisions across the county, including 14 in West Norfolk and five in other neighbouring areas.

Polling stations opened at 7am this morning and will remain open until 10pm tonight. The votes will be counted tomorrow.

Here are the candidates standing in West Norfolk’s county divisions.


Chris Crofts (Conservative)

Chris comes from a business background and has lived in West Norfolk all his life.

He has had over 30 years experience of serving on public bodies in various capacities.

Chris is well versed in planning and licensing and is currently the borough councils licensing chairman.

He is a board member of the Kings Lynn Internal Drainage Board and understands the importance of maintaining drainage systems to alleviate the risk of local flooding.

Alexandra Kemp

Alexandra Kemp

Outside politics, Chris is a classic car enthusiast and instigated the Kings Lynn classic car day on the Tuesday Market Place that is now held annually.

Deborah Holman (Labour)

I believe in social justice, that everyone is entitled to a fair deal.

The Tories’ cuts forced upon the NCC have meant those most vulnerable – children, young people, people with disabilities, and older people - have suffered from underfunded and understaffed services.

That just isn’t good enough. I want to use my life experience working in the charitable, higher education and health sectors to effectively represent residents and ensure the NCC works for all of us.

I won’t be a lone voice: if elected, I will join other Labour councillors striving for a better Norfolk for all of us.

Alexandra Kemp (Independent)

Alexandra kept her promise to the electorate and fought tooth and nail to prevent an incinerator being built in South Lynn, even when it meant leaving her party.

She wants the Willows site safeguarded as a Park and Ride - in a suite of anti-congestion moments - frequent buses through Hardings Way (retained for buses only), a parkway station, West Winch and Setchey Bypass and buses from A10 to QE.

She wants improved local health infrastructure - surgeries in South Lynn and West Winch, Clenchwarton Surgery reopened, a West Lynn Care Village and tidal technology developed to harness the Ouse.

Trevor Roberts (UKIP)

Trevor Roberts worked in the water industry for over 20 years. During that time, he was involved with his trade union and fought for employees rights. He firmly supports the NHS and has worked to improve the service.

Trevor has always worked against injustice. He can see so much wrong in this country and feels people are not getting a fair deal.

He would like to see a new form of politics which works for everyone. He is very aware that we never know when we may need the help of the NHS and will fight any cuts to it.


Stuart Dark (Conservative)

Stuart is a retired senior policeman. He lives in Snettisham and is a Parish Councillor and school governor.

In 2016, he led the WASP campaign which stopped NCC giving 3400 acres over to mining. He is standing as he feels dismayed that NCC’s controlling ‘rainbow coalition’ of parties only gave Dersingham three years of poor planning, the closure of fire stations, recycling centres, libraries and school patrols and a pervasive lack of interest.

He offers a clear alternative, pledging to; 1) protect Dersingham’s villages, communities and surroundings 2) invest in ‘key services’ and jobs 3) Make NCC work for Dersingham.

Harry Lane (Liberal Democrat)

Harry lives in Dersingham and is involved in his local community. Personal priority areas include health and social care issues, including mental health and is committed to campaigning for excellence in education and effective environmental sustainability.

He also wants to see more affordable housing in future developments and investment in local libraries and other amenities.

n Mr Lane declined to submit a photograph for personal reasons.

Other candidates who did not submit a statement: Ed Robb (Labour).


Michael Chenery (Conservative)

Michael is committed to serving the people of the Docking division.

He will fight hard to protect front-line services, including Heacham fire station, Docking Recycling Centre, and Heacham school crossing patrols.

A focus on making sure potholes are repaired quickly will be allied to a determination to see that speed restrictions are enforced.

Michael is passionate about preserving Norfolk’s rural communities and rich history. As rail champion at the county council, he fights for good quality rail services across the region.

Adrianne Lake (Labour)

I am standing as your Labour candidate in the Docking Division.

Each village has its own priorities.

However we all need Norfolk County Council to provide coastal protection, regular transport, affordable housing, access to medical services and care, excellent education, better roads, effective policing, a clean environment.

I worked as head of department in a London college before moving to Syderstone in 2000.

Since then I have taught in several Norfolk schools and I now volunteer as a homechecker for animals.

If elected I will be a strong voice for your concerns and will ensure that your issues are prioritised.

David Mills (Liberal Democrat)

David Mills is active in the community, especially ​with helping​ young people and their education which he believes must take priority over everything else which requires (increased) financial support.

He​ loves this country but is also​ a proud European and a world citizen who desires peace and a more just and fairer world.

Local matters are very important to ​David​ such​ as ensuring we care for our elderly with kindness and a way which is right for them​.

Creating a better transport system​ is essential​, so ​why not a “park n ride” east and west of King’s Lynn.


Jackie Crookston (Labour)

I have spent several weeks talking to residents in Downham Market, the same concerns are mentioned by most people.

Infrastructure and services need to be improved before more new houses are built.

Children are let down by the quality of education and lack of places in Downham Market after age 11, too many are forced to travel out of town for their education.

There is insufficient support and facilities for disabled people.

Older residents and their carers need more help.

Vote for me and I will continue to listen to you, and work on the issues important to you.

Josie Ratcliffe (Liberal Democrat)

Josie Ratcliffe lives in Downham Market and works in the transport and logistics sector at a large local industrial site.

Josie sees economic development as being a significant area of concern for the County Council and will fight for West Norfolk to get a fair deal from Norwich-based decision-makers.

She wants to see more youth provision and the most vulnerable members of the community protected from any future cuts.

She pledges to work in partnership with the voluntary sector and with other local authorities.

She would hold regular surgeries and keep residents informed about issues affecting their communities.

Tony White (Conservative)

Tony White, born locally in West Norfolk; his business interests are run from his nearby office.

Tony is currently County Councillor for Downham Market division, a post he

holds close to his heart, and would be delighted to continue.

Tony is continually campaigning for those persons who have special needs, both adults and children.

he is passionate that day centres and workshops continue for the benefit of the whole family unit.

He is determined that during his term many local issues will be addressed.

Tony is campaigning and caring for this community so that Downham Market may continue to thrive.

David Williams (UK Independence Party)

Living in Norfolk for the past 26 years and vice-chairman of my parish council, my passion is to empower people in their local communities.

UKIP brought a more democratic system back to the County Council and successfully opposed the King’s Lynn incinerator.

The Conservatives say they would protect local services but they have voted for damaging cuts to the fire and rescue service with other cuts planned.

UKIP councillors without restraints of a whip represent the concerns of their constituents.

I would fight to stop further cuts, particularly those affecting the most vulnerable.


John Crofts (Liberal Democrat)

John Crofts is a headmaster in Hunstanton, where he is a churchwarden and Rotarian with a desire to contribute.

John believes being responsive to community needs is crucial, particularly at a time so many services are being cut.

He wishes to be an advocate for the education of our children and care for the elderly. John wants to work with community groups, enabling them to solve situations locally and bring people together.

He hopes we will continue to have a major role in European matters to ensure environmental sustainability and economic development in a tolerant and democratic society.

Martin Storey (Conservative)

Martin’s priorities have always been to represent the people of the Feltwell division and to be there for them.

Martin feels it is essential to keep frontline services and amenities available to everyone in the community.

He also feels it is important to help improve adult social care, children’s services and to repair the road surfaces (potholes).

Martin is passionate about representing the people, particularly as he sees himself as a people person and considers it important to listen to and learn from them at all times.

Peter Wortley (Labour)

I’ve been an arable farmer all my life. I’m proud to represent anti-austerity, social justice and open democracy.

I believe you, the taxpayer, should have a stronger say in what happens locally. If you care about Tory cuts to our services locally and nationally like I do, please consider a vote for me.

We’re not voting for personalities, we are voting for policies.

You will be voting for a happier and fairer society for yourself and the next generation. Your opinion really does matter. Your vote really does count. Best wishes, Peter.


Ashley Collins (UK Independence Party)

Living in Wiggenhall, St Germans since 2006. I have served as a UKIP borough councillor for the Watlington ward.

The Conservatives say they would protect local services, but 41 Conservative county councillors recently voted down a UKIP proposal to stop a planned £490K cut to the fire service which is already short staffed in many stations.

UKIP councillors are not whipped unlike the other parties and can freely speak for their constituents’ concerns.

At a time when essential local services are being squeezed. I would fight any further cuts particularly those affecting the vulnerable.

Sam Gipson (Labour)

I have lived in Norfolk for over 20 years and have a working background in the NHS, elderly care and further education.

I am passionate that funding for early years and education are at the forefront of council thinking with all children supported to achieve their full potential. I am committed to social care provision and support in later years. I want to see a Norfolk where funding is not being cut to vital services, where rural transport is reliable, affordable, and serves the rural nature of our communities.

Brian Long (Conservative)

Brian has been a county councillor for eight years and borough councillor for 14.

During this time Brian has been the environment portfolio holder and leader of the borough council and has been chairman of the Norfolk county planning committee.

Brian has also been involved with children’s and adult social services, helping to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

Brian is a safe pair of hands going forward with the experience to deliver on his promises. He works hard for his electorate and will continue to do so if you trust him with your vote.

Carol Renard (Liberal Democrat)

I am a wife, mother and grandmother and a keen environmentalist. I have lived in the Fincham division since 2003 and have worked in education locally for 19 years.

I am motivated by unfairness, whether that be at a local, national or global level and I really want to do something about it.

If elected, my focus would be to listen to what you believe needs to be done to improve and protect

our local area and vital services.

My goal is to make a difference however big or small and provide support to all that need it.


Michael de Whalley (Green Party)

Michael de Whalley, aged 49, is a self-employed computer support specialist. He was educated at King Edward VII School, King’s Lynn and holds an Open University degree.

Michael began the campaign to oppose the waste incinerator in favour of more responsible alternatives.

Michael has also lobbied on behalf of our local schools; to retain the services provided by the Arts Centre and prevent inappropriate quarrying and housing developments.

As a strong advocate of localism, Michael is now seeking your vote to help ensure your voice counts.

Simon Eyre (Conservative)

Simon’s aim is to protect schools, Services and Social care and would like to bring more recognition and respect for those that work hard to keep us safe and cared for.

Road safety, maintenance and layouts are important for an ever growing community to ensure businesses can grow and wishes to work closely with his continuance to ensure a pragmatic approach to getting the best results for the best value for money.

Wilfred Lambert (Labour)

As a taxpayer I want to ensure householders get good value and West Norfolk gets its fair share.

Over the years I have seen many employers disappear from our industrial estates along with the quality jobs they provided.

I would press the county to promote new growth in King’s Lynn by improving transportation links to Norwich and Cambridge where modern industries are expanding and new employers could be persuaded to come here.

I am keen to ensure the county council does all it can to promote apprenticeships for our young people ensuring they have the skills for these new industries.

Simon Wells (Liberal Democrat)

Born and raised in King’s Lynn, I have lived in South Wootton for 19 years and am standing to ensure that our needs are represented.

I am concerned about the strain on services and as two new housing developments get underway these will only get worse.

I am particularly frustrated at the difficulties we face in accessing mental health care, and with an ageing population, I am concerned about loneliness and accessing adequate and supportive social care.

Help me to ensure that the local area is a safe and happy place to live.

Other candidates standing who did not submit a statement: Christine Perkins (UK Independence Party).


Andrew Dixon (Liberal Democrat)

West Norfolk has been my home for over 15 years. I trained in Scotland as an electrical technician before moving to work with looked after children.

After engaging in countless discussions about Brexit, the widening gulf between the very rich and the rest of us and the clear crisis of funding and fragmentation of our schools I was persuaded to do more than talk.

Our council should be ambitious about tackling challenges, our vision should extend beyond the short term. I advocated for an open, tolerant community which values education and equality while working for an environmentally sound, thriving economy.

Graham Middleton (Conservative)

I would really relish the opportunity to stand as councillor for Gayton and Nar Valley.

I feel that as a young voice I give you diversity at county hall and offer you something different as your representative.

I thrive on new challenges and believe we can work together to better Norfolk.

If you wish to get in contact with me please do by email grmiddleton25@gmail.com or by phone 07946309655.

Natasha Morgan (Labour)

I am a mother and housewife who lives in our beautiful county of Norfolk. I am also standing as the Labour candidate for Gayton and Nar Valley.

On May 4, I will be standing as a local candidate for a local position to fight for the rights, the views and the wishes of the local people.

I have already fought local schools, social services and the NCC itself in getting the voices heard of honest, hard working members of our community.

You will give me the ideas and dreams to fight for.

Other candidates standing who did not submit a statement: John Corden (UK Independence Party).


John Collop (Labour)

Having lived in the division since 1987 I have a thorough knowledge of what we need from the county council. I have been a borough councillor for 14 years and had a four year term as a county councillor, all in the Gaywood area.

I’m self employed, registered with the Trusted Trader Scheme, as a gardener for people with disabilities .

I’m standing because we need a strong voice on Norfolk County Council to fight hard to get the resources and services we need.

Jim Perkins (UK Independence Party)

Jim Perkins has represented Gaywood North & Central for the past four years, which on reflection have been very successful. By combining with the other non-Tory councillors we did as promised and stop the incinerator. We changed the system of governance from a cabinet to a committee system.

In fact I think that UKIP, in co-operation with others, have changed the council for the better. UKIP are successful because we campaign.

They all said that we would not get a referendum. Then they said that we would never win it. We achieved both. Just think what else we could achieve.

Patrick Rochford (Independent)

I am running in this election as an Independent to speak up for the people of West Norfolk on issues like education, road improvements, lower taxes, attracting business, and safer communities.

We need a stronger, independent voice at County Hall, not one bound by their parties’ whip, being told how to vote. l can deliver for the residents of Gaywood North and Central because I am the borough councillor for a lot of you too.

Ian Swinton (Liberal Democrat)

I am Ian Swinton and the Liberal Democrat Candidate for Gaywood North & Central. I’m 55, married with three grown-up children and an active member of St Faith’s Church, Gaywood.

Having lived in King’s Lynn for the last 14 years I have a good working knowledge of the area and am sympathetic to residents’ concerns.

I’d like to see new housing developments fitted with solar panels as standard, which would not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also householders’ energy bills.

Sheila Young (Conservative)

Sheila lives in West Norfolk and is a serving borough councillor.

We have so many areas of natural beauty and interest, great communities, and tremendous heritage, with King’s Lynn at the centre.

It is important to her that all these things should be protected, and it would be a privilege to highlight the concerns and needs of West Norfolk at county level.

Good education should be available to all, and our youth supported and valued in order to become good citizens and leaders of the future.

She has experience as a school governor, in particular special educational and disabilities needs.


Rob Colwell (Liberal Democrat)

I have lived near Springwood High School for over 30 years. I was the West Norfolk “StrongerIN” representative.

I am a solicitor working in West Norfolk for over 10 years helping thousands of

people since the days of Legal Aid and now I want to help the community. I have energy, enthusiasm and a passion for helping people through all walks of life.

I am trying to protect the threatened Spring Wood following the application before the County Council, and leading an application to save access.

Thomas Smith (Conservative)

I’m standing because I care about the area I grew up in. We’ve got to make sure we get our fair share of spending at County Hall, something the Conservatives will deliver.

We need the staff at County Hall to listen to what we want on things like parking, road improvements and schools, I will be your man in Norwich. We need our social services to work and help those who need them. I will put in the work for you, so that we can all enjoy the services and facilities we deserve.

Michael Stone (UK Independence Party)

Michael Stone is very unhappy with the state of politics in this country at the moment. No party seems to care about US the people. Our NHS hospitals are unable to discharge patients because no care can be arranged for when they get home. At this time Norfolk County Council seem to have no problem cutting the adult services budget.

We need to start putting our own vulnerable people first, instead of spending £1 billion per month on foreign aid. We need change.

Margaret Wilkinson (Labour)

I’m Margaret Wilkinson, Councillor for Gaywood South where I’ve lived for 50 years. I am an experienced councillor, having spent four years on Norfolk County Council and 32 years on West Norfolk Borough Council. I am prepared to fight for you; for example I fought consistently to get the Tory approved, King’s Lynn incinerator scrapped. I am ready to listen and act for Gaywood South residents.


David Collis (Labour)

I have lived locally since 1976 when I flew from RAF Marham. I have over 22 years experience as a Borough and County Councillor.

Working hard for individual residents and the division, has been a pleasure over the past four years; but there is still much to be done in traffic planning, improving

adult and children’s services and the development of two new schools.

Richard Coward (Liberal Democrat)

To make sure that our town and its residents prosper in the years ahead Norfolk County Council must use its limited financial resources to tackle issues such as care services, education, transport management and the environment as cost-effectively as possible, protecting and enhancing front line services. It is equally important to ensure that the openness and tolerance which have always played such a crucial role in our civic history are maintained.

Matty Hannay (UK Independence Party)

I’m Matty Hannay and I’m possibly one of, if not the, youngest candidates in the whole country standing at just 18 years old.

I’m standing in this year’s local elections because I’m against the cuts to public services which are affecting people who desperately need these services. £5 million is being cut from housing support services whilst more money is being taken away from libraries and fire services.

The residents of King’s Lynn North & Central have the chance to elect a candidate who will always put their interests and concerns first.

Toby Wing-Pentelow (Conservative)

Toby has lived in West Norfolk for the last 17 years and presently lives in Central Lynn which is part of the division he is campaigning for.

He cares deeply for the town and its history. The summer calendar of events is something he feels the town should be really proud of as it attracts tourism and income for local businesses.


Erika Coward (Liberal Democrat)

Local residents expect Norfolk County Council to create and maintain an environment where businesses can thrive, employment prospects remain good and public services function efficiently.

Health services, care services and educational provision within the county play a central role in enhancing our quality of life, with the most vulnerable amongst us often particularly dependent on these services.

If elected I would do my best to help manage the difficult conflicting demands of these various tasks with sensitivity and good sense.

Izik Kruh-Atar (Labour)

I was born in Israel in 1968 before coming to England in 2001 and gaining British Citizenship in 2004.

I have lived in Walton Highway, for the last nine years. I am married and a father of five children. As a county councillor I would argue strongly for the improvement of educational opportunities.

We need to stop the Tory cuts to care for the elderly, and the other big issue for me is improving the state of the roads in our area.

Other candidates standing who did not submit a statement: Sandra Squire (Conservative)


Harry Humphrey (Conservative)

Harry lives in Emneth. He is a financial adviser and his hobbies are his smallholding, his horses, reading and DIY.

Harry has been County Councillor for Marshland South division since 1993 and has held lead responsibilities for finance, performance, community safety, fire service and trading standards. He is a school governor at two local schools

Harry has worked to improve and maintain local services and has addressed community and individual concerns about schools, speeding, drainage, buses, roads, footways and safety issues brought to his attention.

Robin Mann (Labour)

I have lived in Upwell and Outwell for the last 20 years. I’m well aware of local issues.

I’m fiercely Anti-Brexit having lived and worked in Europe for several years.

I’m pro-migration. We need Agricultural workers to pick our sprouts and strawberries.

We need workers in the Health services and in Adult Social Care to look after the elderly in their own homes and free up hospital beds.

This is not a poor country.

Colin Rose (UK Independence Party)

I’ve been involved with many local issues since 1984 and am aware of a need for change. Only a party whose candidates do not have to follow a whip will fulfil this need and get on with the job.

Facing challenging times we must trust our representatives with transparency and with a genuine will to serve - to control cuts and taxes with honesty and integrity.At the same time. charity begins at home so cut “foreign aid” - spending our money where we need it, NHS, the vulnerable, better local roads, security and education, etc.

Steven White (Lib Dem)

I am standing for election because I want to make sure that all our public services in Norfolk get the right support and investment, and that taxpayers’ money is being spent wisely. As someone that has spent his adult life working in education, I am particularly passionate about all children and young people having access to high quality local schools and the opportunity to study at university or pursue vocational training.

I believe in working together, and if elected I would look to work with people to do what is best for Norfolk.


Christine Hudson (Labour)

I know we have been overwhelmed with political issues but this election is really important to make our voices heard on local issues.

Norfolk has been highly criticised for its educational standards, lack of adult social services and a total breakdown in children’s services. If elected I will endeavour to ensure NCC uses its money to improve the lives of the people of Norfolk.

We must sort out our priorities and get back on track making Norfolk a better place to live. Vote for the party which cares about you.

Andrew Jamieson (Conservative)

I mean to bring new jobs and wider opportunities for people in West Norfolk. My experience has shown that it is possible to create rewarding local employment by supporting small businesses.

Local education in Hunstanton must provide a full range of opportunities for young people, including vocational and technical training. Finally, Hunstanton needs the support of local agencies to continue to do the great work it has done to make the beach such a unique place for everyone.

Simon Wilson (Liberal Democrat)

Simon Wilson is an Anglican Priest, school governor and active in the local community. He pledges to be a listening councillor, standing up for the needs of all residents, but especially the most vulnerable.

He wants to bring people together, enabling them to solve situations locally in a way that brings communities together.

He is a proud European, concerned about environmental sustainability and economic development. For him, health and social care policies and affordable housing are key priorities.

He is particularly concerned about road safety and is passionate about education.

Other candidates standing who did not submit a statement: Debbie Le May (UK Independence Party)