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Emergency climate demonstration set for King's Lynn Town Hall this week

Demonstrators will be gathering at Lynn Town Hall on Thursday to declare a climate and ecological emergency in West Norfolk.

The Extinction Rebellion demonstration will start at 5pm ahead of the annual borough council meeting at 6.30pm.

Shouldham GP Pallavi Devulapalli, who is standing as a MEP candidate for the Green Party at the European elections will be taking part.

She estimated somewhere between 10 and 100 people joining her for the demonstration.

“None of us are within the council who will be demonstrating,” she said.

“But all of us are really concerned and want our council to take action.

“We are setting it up before the council meeting so councillors can see our concerns. We are expecting them to arrive by 6pm.”

Props will be used to highlight how flood levels have risen using vertical measuring pole and pictures of past floods.

The Extinction Rebellion group is a socio-political movement which has used nonviolent resistance to protest against climate breakdown since October, 2018.

“Hundreds of councils across the country have declared a climate emergency,” Dr Devulapalli added.

“Lots of people will be coming along. Parents, grandparents, teachers, possibly children.”

The demonstration will take place ahead of a town council meeting at 6.30pm
The demonstration will take place ahead of a town council meeting at 6.30pm

Bristol and Manchester were the first big cities to pass motions declaring a climate emergency.

They set targets aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030 and 2038 respectively.

In total, 59 councils have declared a climate emergency according to climateemergency.uk with 42 of these setting a target date by 2030.

Independent borough councillor Jim Moriarty said: “The public has a right to demonstrate.

“I would be in favour of them doing it inside the chamber as well as outside and have no problem with it at all.”

Conservationist Scientist Dr Charlie Gardner said: "The Climate Crisis has been attracting a lot of media attention over the last month, following the Extinction Rebellion in London, global Youth Strike 4 Climate, Greta Thunberg’s visit to Parliament, David Attenborough’s TV show, the UK and Irish Parliaments becoming the first two in the world to declare a Climate Emergency, and the growing public and media recognition that we are facing the gravest crisis humanity has ever faced.

"Without radical change, we are headed for 4°C temperature rise before the end of the century, which is widely considered incompatible with organised human society.

"In other words, when children born today are in their 80s, there may be no civilisation left to speak of. It is an emergency, and our leaders must take urgent and radical action.

"As a low-lying coastal borough, West Norfolk is one of the most vulnerable places in the UK to climate change, and in particular sea level rise.

"This not only threatens much of the UK’s most valuable agricultural land, but the historical city of King’s Lynn itself. Yet still our leaders do nothing.

"For example, King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council’s local plan doesn’t systematically address climate change in any way."

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