More homes need to be built each year in West Norfolk to meet demand

Planning news.
Planning news.

More homes need to be built each year in West Norfolk to meet the demand, according to a new report.

West Norfolk Council’s current plans aim to provide for 660 new homes to be built in the area each year.

But new information has found this is a slight under-estimate and the borough should have between 680 and 710 new homes each year.

Members of cabinet have been asked to endorse these new figures at a meeting on Tuesday.

A report to the meeting states that a consultant was brought in to explore the affordable and market housing needs for the area based on the Government published population projections; the Office of National Statistics (ONS)’s 2012 SubNational Population Projections and the 2012 Household Projections

The cabinet report goes on to say: “Within it there is also an analysis of second homes and vacancy rates, together with the impact of un-attributable population change (UPC) and the error (underestimation for this district) in the mid-2013 ONS population estimates.

“UPC is a discrepancy in population statistics that arose between the 2001 and 2011 Censuses.

“In this inter-censal period the ONS makes estimates of the components of population change, which are published as Mid-Year Population Estimates (MYEs). Births and deaths are counted accurately, because the UK has an efficient registration system.

“But migration (UK and international) cannot be measured directly and is estimated from indirect and incomplete data such as GP registrations.

“The report indicates a range for the Borough’s OAN of 680 - 710 new homes per annum depending upon the inclusion of UPC.”

During the meeting, the council will also be asked to agree modifications to the draft local plan.

These modifications have been suggested following on from comments made by a planning inspector while examining the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies.

Among the changes is a specific policy for Lynn’s port, which is aims to support the site’s development and growth.

Land at Gravel Hill within the West Winch Growth Area is also included in the list of modifications.

Zurich Assurance Ltd claims the site is critical for enabling the construction of a new relief road and other infrastructure needed to sustain the 1,600 homes envisaged in the area.

The decision was made by the council last year despite concerns raised by ward members on potential flood risk.

Other modifications to the local plan include clarifying the mix of housing units in the site opposite the Commercial Park and allocating 50 hectares at Lynn’s South Quay for at least 50 homes.

The modifications also include adding new sites for housing developments into the plan. These include land north of Mill Road in St Germans and Flegg Green in Wereham allocated for housing.

A further 3.4 hectare site on land north of St Johns Road in Tilney St Lawrence for 40 homes is also proposed to be included in the plan.

The modifications also include allocating housing in Hunstanton Road, Hunstanton.