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Danny and Tyler Goodson assaulted landlady, security guard and police officer at Wetherspoon in King’s Lynn

A father and son assaulted two pub staff members and a police officer between them during a drunken argument at a town centre hotspot.

Danny and Tyler Goodson appeared together at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Both pleaded guilty to assault by beating, while Goodson Snr, 38, admitted an additional charge of assault by beating of an emergency worker.

The Globe Hotel in Lynn, where Danny and Tyler Goodson assaulted two staff members
The Globe Hotel in Lynn, where Danny and Tyler Goodson assaulted two staff members

Their offences were committed during an incident at The Globe Hotel in Lynn on November 18, with the pair sitting in the Wetherspoon beer garden at around 6.45pm.

Crown prosecutor Colette Harper told the court that after a disagreement between a group of people in that area kicked off, a staff member proceeded to order all involved to leave via the rear exit. The Goodsons were among them.

At the same time as the pair were continuing to fight, a member of the pub’s security team about to start their shift was walking towards the venue.

Upon spotting Goodson Jnr, 18, making threats to another person, he attempted to intervene – but Goodson Snr retaliated by saying: “Don’t touch my f**king son.”

He proceeded to punch the male staff member’s jaw, while Goodson Jnr attempted to get involved – but the female staff member who had originally ejected them from Wetherspoon pulled him away.

Goodson Jnr, of Five Elms in Lynn, reacted by calling her a “f**king sl*g”, and held onto her wrist when she tried to push him away.

“Both appear to be trying to pull free from each other,” Ms Harper said.

Police arrived at the scene shortly afterwards, and the father and son were arrested.

Goodson Snr, of Walter Howes Crescent in Middleton, continued to shout and show aggression while being detained, and was subsequently taken to the floor and then to a police van.

He asked for his handcuffs to be removed, but was told by an officer that they would only be taken off when he “stops acting like a complete and utter fool”.

Goodson Snr, frustrated by this comment, kicked out at the officer. He said he had “lost all respect” for them – and told him he would have “carried on kicking you to be honest”.

He attempted to antagonise the constable by telling him: “I pay your wages.” He also said the officer was “probably bullied at school”.

In a statement read in court, the female Wetherspoon staff member said the entire incident was a particular concern because there were children in the pub at the time.

She added that she did “not appreciate being grabbed when I was just doing my job”.

Goodson Snr was ordered to pay £150 in compensation to the staff member he punched, as well as £50 to the police officer he assaulted.

He will also pay a £1,133 fine, £145 in legal costs and a £453 victim surcharge.

Goodson Jnr, meanwhile, will pay a £250 fine, £145 in legal costs, a £100 victim surcharge, and £50 in compensation to the Wetherspoon staff member he assaulted.

Mitigating, duty solicitor George Sorrell had said: “I would like to emphasise at the outset that both defendants admitted their guilt, and have pleaded guilty.

“So despite their comments at the police station, they are now full of remorse and regret.

“They are two seemingly quite ordinary people, father and son, who on this particular occasion having drank too much and finding themselves in a difficult situation, were unable to deal with that situation – and it got out of control.

“I can’t explain why it happened, of course, but both defendants describe going to the pub, meeting people who were engaged in some sort of altercation, staff get involved, ask them to lave.

“At that stage, they should have just left and nothing would have transpired. But they wanted to fight their case, to show this initial commotion was nothing to do with them, and you have heard about the way they went about that – so much so that the landlady had to get involved and was assaulted for her efforts.

“The security guard just arriving for work got involved, and in turn he was also punched.”

Mr Sorrell asked magistrates: “Could you perhaps look upon this as a very unhappy incident involving two people, father and son, who went out for whatever reason, drank too much alcohol where they couldn’t control the course of events, and said things which they really didn’t mean?

“Mr Goodson Snr tells me that he does respect the police, and those comments to the police constable were ridiculous.”

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