Father threatens legal action after flooding damage in Fairstead house

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The father of a Lynn woman whose property has been left damaged after being flooded by sewage is threatening to take legal action against the housing agency responsible.

Tony Wilkinson is angry that his daughter Hayley Wilkinson’s property at Fred Ackland Drive, in Fairstead, still remains in a mess – three weeks after the original problem of flooding was reported.

Mr Wilkinson feels there has been little or no concern over health and safety during the work.

He says breakers were used to break up the floor, with no noise or dust suppression, while there was no effort to supply de-humidifiers to dry out the affected floors and walls and flooring has not been replaced.

On Friday, Mr Wilkinson told the Lynn News: “If there is no contact from Wherry Housing (Circle Housing) by 1pm on Monday, I will be consulting a solicitor and passing on the details to them to compile a claim for compensation and damages.

“This will be for the stress that has been caused to Miss Wilkinson and her family by the total lack of concern and urgency shown by Wherry Housing and their contractors.”

The broken pipe has been fixed, but the property remains full of dust and the flooring still hasn’t been repaired.

Miss Wilkinson, who was visited by workmen to measure up yesterday, said: “The flooring in my bathroom, hall and kitchen still hasn’t been sorted, while the carpet in my living room is starting to curl up near the doorway and has become dangerous.

“The only thing the housing agency have done is send me £70 of B&Q vouchers to buy some paint.”

A spokesperson for the Clarion Housing Group, who did offer Miss Wilkinson temporary accommodation before any work was carried out, said: “We apologise for the inconvenience caused and have solved the issues as quickly as possible whilst minimising disruption to Miss Wilkinson and her family.

“A floorer measured up for the new floor yesterday which will be laid on Wednesday, as discussed and agreed.

“We have also given Miss Wilkinson £70 vouchers for decoration and as a gesture of goodwill had the living room carpet professionally cleaned, although it was not affected by the leak.

“We would urge Miss Wilkinson to contact us directly if she has any issues in future as she has repeatedly expressed to us that she is happy with the action being taken.”