Final Lynnsport housing phase given the go ahead

Planning news
Planning news

Council officials have given the green light to plans for the last phase of development in the Lynnsport area.

West Norfolk Council’s Planning Committee were told of the application, which is the last of four sites in the Lynnsport and Marsh Lane locality which have been identified for development, at a meeting yesterday.

GV Photo of Greenpark Avenue, North Lynn 'Leading to Lynnsport from Columbia Way

GV Photo of Greenpark Avenue, North Lynn 'Leading to Lynnsport from Columbia Way

The proposals for 82 new homes, as well as access roads, footpaths and new areas of public open space, were approved by the committee in spite of objections from local residents.

One such resident, Sue Bruce, secretary of the Lynnsport Area Resident Association (LARA), said: “We only have two large parks in Lynn – both of which are highly valued. But once this is completed, we will just have one large park at the Walks.

“There will be a significant loss of leisure and recreational facilities. There will also be increased amount of traffic, so it is imperative that the safety of cyclists and pedestrians is taken into account.”

But the council’s assistant director of environment and planning Stuart Ashworth said there would be new open space at the site.

He said: “Open spaces which were completely inaccessible before will have their access opened up.”

Planner Natacha Osler said the application’s open space strategy “signifcantly” exceeded requirements by just under two hectares.

Committee member Avril Wright said: “This will improve the area and I am delighted with the community orchard feeling of it.

“However, it is a shame that there aren’t any bungalows in the plans, as we do have a lot of elderly people in this area.”

Committee chairman Vivienne Spikings raised questions about the design of the proposed homes.

She said: “Are all of these without a chimney? Cosmetically, they look a better place to live with chimneys added to them.”

The committee voted to approve the Lynnsport proposals with conditions, including to add chimneys to the properties.