Flood risk fear over Hunstanton camping site extension bid

Hargrave is consulting on a Neighbourhood Plan
Hargrave is consulting on a Neighbourhood Plan
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Plans to extend a Hunstanton camping site are being opposed by council officials, because of flood risk concerns.

Eleven additional pitches are being sought at the Lees caravan park on South Beach Road to accommodate tents and caravans.

But, despite the support of town councillors, West Norfolk Council’s planning committee has been urged to reject the application when they meet on Monday.

A report to the committee said the site lies in a coastal risk hazard zone and the development breaches policy guidelines.

It continued: “Little evidence has been put forward by the applicant as to why the development should not be determined in accordance with the development plan policy.

“Even if the applicant were to provide evidence that would add weight to the consideration of boosting tourism and the economy, it would be difficult to envisage how such information would outweigh the consideration of flood risk and the potential loss of life through this form of development.”

But the developers said “This is an extension to an existing static site, a site that is already managed to anticipate such events.

And the town council has supported the application, arguing defences further down the coast at Snettisham are at greater risk of being breached.

The authority said: “The occupancy would only be for the summer months and the hard defences that protect this area are deemed to be adequate.”

The application is due to be considered at a planning committee meeting in Lynn town hall on Monday.