Flytipping prompts review of recycling bins in Downham car park

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Flytipping at a Downham car park has prompted councillors to review the future of recycling units at the site.

The Hollies car park could be getting an additional six spaces if Downham Town Council decides to remove the remaining recycling bins.

The decision comes as workers have been picking up carrier bags of empty bottles from the car park every day.

A total of 11 bottle banks were placed on the car park until September when they were moved by West Norfolk Council after the introduction of glass is in the household recycling collections.

The matter will be reviewed at the November full council meeting.

Deputy clerk Richard Davidson is now putting out an appeal to residents to dispose of their bottles correctly.

He said: “People are still depositing carrier bags and boxes full of bottles at the car park even though they can recycle them at home.

“I would urge the residents of Downham to please understand that the bottle bank facilities have now come to an end and to please use the borough council provided green bins.”

The council is asking a consultant to look at the use of town’s car parks.

Problems have been reported with spaces being blocked all day following the introduction of charges at the Wales Court car park earlier this year.