Forget seasonal affective disorder as spring arrives on the coast

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Forget seasonal affective disorder as spring arrives at Hunstanton

SAD symptoms include lethargy; falling asleep during the day; loss of libido; irritability; despondency, for no apparent reason; and weight gain.

Many of us would be excused for thinking these were simply signs of old age; or a reaction to problems associated with leaving the European Union; or the failure of the Canaries and the Linnets to be in with a chance of promotion.

The reality is that most people do not spend enough time out of doors in the winter months.

It really is as simple as that. Fortunately, spring is here, bringing with it the increased sunshine, vital for restoring levels of Vitamin D essential for good health.

This prompts me to mention tomorrow’s Civic Society meeting at 7.30pm in Hunstanton town hall, where Gail Stuart will be giving an illustrated talk entitled: “Life with my Father – Eric Morecambe”.

This promises to be a fascinating evening, especially for fans of Morecambe and Wise, whose comedy brought plenty of sunshine into the lives of television and theatre audiences over many years.

At this point readers might expect to see a picture of Eric and Ernie, but instead the spotlight falls on Mike Pearson, outgoing president of Hunstanton and District Probus Club, and the man elected to replace him, David Scott, who is also the treasurer.

The photograph was taken outside the Le Strange Arms Hotel, in Old Hunstanton, where members have lunch on the second Thursday of every month. The president serves for a maximum of three years, but there is no limit when it comes to the secretary.

This post has been held by Kenneth Lawson for 22 years, so there is no one better placed than Ken for enquiries about membership. Call 01485 532163 or email:

Sunshine not only brought forth the flowers that bloom in the spring, it also resulted in the opening of the new roundabout on the A149 three weeks ahead of schedule.

While it took less than seven months to complete the roundabout, because of better weather than expected; work appears to be lagging behind when it comes to building a bridge over the Ringstead River linking the proposed housing estate on Redgate Hill to the roundabout.

This means residents on the Manorfields estate could be affected by construction traffic using Harrys Way until the end of April.

Meanwhile, Heacham residents have two complaints of their own. Motorists using Hunstanton Road to get onto the A149 are obliged to give way to traffic entering and leaving the construction site on Redgate Hill.

Secondly, hard on the heels of the Parish Council’s objection to this development being ignored, it now seems likely that permission will be granted by West Norfolk Council for nearly as many new houses near Cheney Hill, on the other side of Heacham.

The parish council is urging residents to make their own individual objections, hoping this will convince the planning committee that the village simply cannot cope with another housing development of this size.

It would be wrong to attribute resulting despondency to SAD, although being consistently ignored can be very sad…