Former colleague remembers King’s Lynn street performer

Shrine to Juggling Jim outside of Wimpy in Lynn.
Shrine to Juggling Jim outside of Wimpy in Lynn.
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A former colleague of the late Anthony Bowen, better known as Juggling Jim, has shed some light on the street entertainer’s earlier years.

Stephen Turner, of Outwell, remembers his working days at Slade Packaging with Mr Bowen with some fondness.

Mr Turner, who worked with Mr Bowen in Lynn in the 80s, said: “Anthony was working on the machine next to me, and we worked together for about three or four years. He used to come on a moped to Lynn from where he lived in Magdalen.

“He was always a quiet person. I was one of the lads, but he wasn’t. He went out with a girl from Lynn and he used to dote on her.”

But Mr Turner said things soon changed.

“He lost his mother and at about the same time, his girlfriend left to go on the cruise boats and go dancing. He had some hard times, but he was a lovely bloke.

“I’ve seen him in Lynn town centre lots of times, and I once tried to speak to him, but he didn’t know who I was,” Mr Turner added.

Since Mr Bowen passed away on Monday, January 23, there has been an outpouring of emotion, with numerous tributes left for him in the streets of Lynn.

Mr Bowen’s funeral is due to be held at Lynn Minster on Wednesday, February 15 at 12.30pm.

A short memorial walk will take place at 12.15pm, starting at the bench outside of Marks and Spencer on High Street and walking towards the church.

A J Coggles, which is conducting Mr Bowen’s funeral, is to open its branch on Blackfriars Street, Lynn, on Saturday, February 11 from 12pm to 4pm to allow members of the public to sign a tribute book.