Four in court accused of outraging public decency at Holkham

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Four men have appeared in court this morning accused of outraging public decency by taking part in sexual activity at Holkham.

Mark Godfrey, 53, and Steven Hunt, 30, both of Corbyn Shaw Road, Churchill Park, Gaywood, faced magistrates in Lynn alongside Richard Hook, 49, and Daniel Smithson, 45, both of Alma Terrace, Norwich.

The four are each accused of outraging public decency at Holkham on August 2.

But the case against them was adjourned until next month after prosecution and defence solicitors jointly sought a delay to clarify evidential and legal matters.

Alison Catterell, prosecuting, told the bench the charges against the men had been brought by the police, but not on the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service.

Ian Graham, defending the quartet, added: “It is not clear on the facts, and as a matter of law, whether an offence has been committed.”

Magistrates adjourned the case until September 10. All four men were released on bail with a condition not to go to Holkham beach.