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Human Capital Department in King's Lynn addresses coronavirus concerns

A couple of months ago a colleague of mine, who has a low immune system, was told by a medical professional that living in Lynn, he was not at risk of getting the coronavirus.

Within this reassuring advice was an implication that people in Lynn don’t travel or get out of Norfolk much, and so were far removed from the first outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei Province – not entirely true – as I had travelled to Zhangzhou, China, over Christmas quite near the centre of the first outbreak.

It is a small world, with so many people taking flights, and travelling in close proximity on buses, trains and the tube in London so not surprising that the virus has spread quickly with contagions now in Europe and cases in the UK.

Peter Lawrence, director of Human Capital Department (30869197)
Peter Lawrence, director of Human Capital Department (30869197)

The British government has warned that up to 20 per cent of the workforce may be off sick with the virus.

Many local employers are only able to provide Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) of £94.25 per week, leaving many on low wages, part-time and those on zero hours contracts potentially in hardship. There has been a call to reform this benefit and for the government, rather than employers, to step in.

One of the key concerns for employees is: “What happens if I am quarantined, will I still get paid and can I get sick pay?”

Earlier this week one of our local clients in Norwich, asked us to produce an HR policy relating to the coronavirus – outlining their procedure and expectations should anyone fall sick or have to be isolated, which we did.

They are happy for us to share this with local employers, free of charge, so drop me an email via info@humancapitaldept.com or phone our new number 01553 401781 if you’d like a copy.

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