Freebridge proposal for Terrington St Clement homes rejected

Planning KL
Planning KL

A social housing provider’s plans for 10 new homes in Terrington St Clement have been rejected after community leaders warned of the “profound” impact on elderly residents.

Freebridge Community Housing had been seeking to demolish five pre-fabricated bungalows at plots on the village’s Church Bank and replace them with 10 new properties.

But, despite the support of planning officers, two applications for six and four homes respectively were turned down by the West Norfolk Council planning committee during a meeting in Lynn on Monday.

Among the main critics of the proposal was the village’s parish council, which voiced its concern about the impact of the scheme on elderly people living in the area.

It said: “There is a moral issue as there will be a profound impact upon existing elderly residents who have lived on site undisturbed for many years.

“To request fragile residents to move is at best thoughtless but could prove to be extremely detrimental to their well-being. Such a move for people in their 90s would prove traumatic. Also, many private owners have health issues.”

But Freebridge argued that the location of the site in a flood risk area meant similar properties to those proposed for demolition could not be built, because of the need to provide sleeping accommodation above ground level.

Council planning officers also argued that the proposals would not have a negative impact on the surrounding area, while county roads officials voiced no objections.