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Adele Norris
Adele Norris
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TWO weeks in, and I am back into the swing of things at university.

There is something beautiful about laying in my housemate’s bed with both the girls I live with, while they watch Greys Anatomy Series One.

We can’t afford the gas to heat the less-than-well insulated house, so it’s a case of body warmth and halogen heaters.

As I lay curled between my university family, wrapped in duvet, a woolly hat and thermal socks, I can hear the distant chants and yelps of the guys, also adopting the loving “hug a friend” method of surviving the winter days, in one of the nearby bedrooms.

I can drift to sleep in moments to the sound of the boy we call Philbrick, on the other side of my bedroom wall, congratulating and insulting his FIFA players. It has become much of a heartfelt nursery rhyme. And I like it.

It’s moments like these when you’re honoured with a reminder to take it all in. It’s like an out-of-body experience – I can see the eight of us, typically students, throwing banter at each other, and sharing moments of friendship that, because we live together and see it every day, we might forget to appreciate.

There is a stereotype about student living. And it is completely bang on.

But that is why we students love it! It’s easy to forget how unique this time in our lives is. One day, in hindsight, we will recall the walks to university, the tedious note-taking in filled-up lecture theatres, and the ease of getting into each other’s beds just for a hug.

Sometimes I even hear myself speaking – arrogance at its best perhaps – and I’m surprised. I have become my own person. I have a unique personality, and I’m not sure where it came from, but I love what it is made up of. My interests, pet hates, tastes, are all so “me”.

We had a lecture last week from ex-students. They gave advice on how to get into the career we’re working for.

We saw where they’re at now. I felt so much pride sitting there knowing I already had this column, when they were suggesting to start looking for work experience. Arrogance again, but it got me thinking about who I am, and how passionate I am.

I want to lock up every little joke, event, and day at university in a box and keep it safely in my mind as a beautiful memory for the rest of my life.

That said, it’s always nice to have a break – and this weekend I’m returning to Norfolk for belated pancakes and my brother’s 15th birthday. Happy birthday, Ben!