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Future remains unclear for Liz Truss after general election defeat in South West Norfolk

The future remains unclear for Liz Truss after she was defeated in last week’s general election.

Little was heard from the former South West Norfolk MP on the day of the vote and throughout Friday morning’s count - and little has been heard of her since.

Ms Truss made a late, late appearance at Lynnsport, only arriving on-stage moments before it was confirmed that Terry Jermy had sealed victory over her by around 600 votes.

Liz Truss on stage after being voted out in South West Norfolk
Liz Truss on stage after being voted out in South West Norfolk

The Lynn News has contacted Ms Truss’ team on multiple occasions for comment, but has received no response.

Speaking to the BBC directly after losing her seat, which she had held since 2010, she said she accepted being part of a Tory government which failed to deliver on several of its promises.

She the government did not do enough to deport more illegal immigrants, and cited that as one of the reasons the Tories are “in this situation we are now”.

When asked if she wants to stay in Conservative politics, she said: “I have got a lot to think about.

“It’s been a very very hectic few weeks. I haven’t slept last night, so give me a bit of time - but I will definitely talk to you again when I’ve got the opportunity.”

Ms Truss won in the 2019 general election with 35,507 votes and a 26,195 majority.

That year in South West Norfolk, Labour candidate Emily Blake received 9,312 votes - only around 2,500 less than Mr Jermy’s winning amount this time around.

That suggests that the new MP has Reform UK’s Toby McKenzie and independent candidate James Bagge to thank for his win.

They picked up 16,240 votes between them, and many of their supporters are likely to have been pinched from Ms Truss.

Whether or not the former Prime Minister has a future in the area remains to be seen.

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