Gaywood FC Ogdens take third Federation triumph

Rodney Cochrane who has now topped the Fens Fed twice this season with his Wereham birds.
Rodney Cochrane who has now topped the Fens Fed twice this season with his Wereham birds.
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On May 30 the Fens S.R. Federation raced from Lyndhurst when 11 clubs sent 1,432 birds.

The Gaywood FC topped the Fed for the first time this year, when Rod and Gloria Ogden and sons took the first three positions with velocities of 1619 (two birds) and 1618. These three birds were clocked just three seconds apart. This was the Ogdens’ third Fed win this season, previously winning twice with the Clenchwarton club.

Timmy Simper was the only other local fancier in the top 20 taking 17th, with his New Lynn winner.

The week before the above Fed raced from Eastbourne when 11 clubs sent 1,364 birds.

Just seven local birds made the top 20. The best local bird went to Clenchwarton’s Dale and Neil Dennis in 8th position. Gaywood’s Nev, Trevor and Linda Godfrey finished in 10th. Her Majesty the Queen was 11th and the Manning Brothers & son came 12th. Kim Peacock and Bernie Byrne had two birds take 14th and 20th. George and Graham Cook & G/son were 18th.

The New Lynn RPC latest race was from Portland on the Isle of Wight when 12 members sent 111 birds and were liberated in a fresh SW wind at 1015 hrs. The North Lynn partnership of Kim Peacock and Bernie Byrne won their second race of the season with a yearling hen bred from Willy Beckett (Wisbech) birds, and took 2hrs 51 mins to fly 196 miles. The winner is expected to do well in the Fed result.

Result: 1 Kim Peacock & Bernie Byrne, 2014; 2 Timmy Simper, 1987; 3, 4 Les Hemming, 1937, 1929; 5 Eddie, Jim and Guy Perry, 1913; 6 Paul & Tina Payne & Malc Bunton, 1893. 1st pools and the nom were won by Les Hemming, 2nd pools: Paul/Tina Payne & Bunton.

Clenchwarton (South) had seven lofts send 92 birds to Portland. Watlington’s Ken Jolly had his second win when his Busschaert X took 2hrs 49 mins to fly 189 miles.

Result: 1, 4, 5 Ken Jolly, 1967, 1869, 1831; 2 Her Majesty the Queen, 1964; 3 Peter and Dave Ellwood, 1880; 6 Dave Tibbs, 1829.

Gaywood F.C. also raced from Portland when six members sent 56 birds. Another great race for the Ogdens taking the first four positions, and their winner took 2hrs 50 mins to fly 187 miles.

Result: 1, 2, 3, 4 Rod Ogden & Sons, 1956, 1946 (two birds) 1911; 5 George and Graham Cook & G/Son, 1895; 6 Roger Wells, 1881.

Clenchwarton (North) had eight members send 86 birds to Great Driffield. A clear winner for Ted and Sandra Scott when their bird took 1hr 50 mins to fly 96 miles, and they had three birds in the top six.

Result: 1, 4, 6 Ted and Sandra Scott, 1533; 2 Paddy Barrett, 1499; 3 George Moon, 1487; 5 Her Majesty the Queen, 1462.

The following week eight members sent 114 birds to Whitley Bay. The top north road racers of Wally and Sheila Collins had three of their birds well clear and took 3hrs 50 mins to fly 175 miles.

Result: 1, 2, 3 Wally and Sheila Collins, 1338; 1272 and 1271; 4 Her Majesty the Queen, 1195; 5 Ted and Sandra Scott, 1162; 6 George Moon, 1152.

Wereham raced from Portland when 104 birds were sent by eight lofts. A probable Fed topper this week for the Belgium bloodlines of Barroway Drove’s Rodney Cochrane (pictured), when his winner took 2hrs 41 mins to fly 185 miles.

Result: 1, 4, 6 Rodney Cochrane, 2016, 1923 and 1901; 2, 3 Billy Mellett, 1940 (two birds); 5 Shaun Ewing, 1914.