Gluten free cuts approved

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Health chiefs have approved plans to stop prescribing gluten free products to adults as part of cost-cutting plans.

West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group’s governing body agreed yesterday to stop funding these products for adults to save £73,000 a year.

The group is facing a potential £4.9million blackhole in its 2015 and 2016 budget.

Chairman Dr Ian Mack said: “Gluten free products are now available from all supermarkets and are sold to the public at prices that are considerably lower than the NHS is charged when bought for use on prescription.

“There has been considerable clinical discussion on this issue and West Norfolk CCG has today approved plans to stop funding gluten free products on prescription for adults but continue funding gluten free products on prescription for children and young people aged up to 18.

“We will review the effects of these changes in a year’s time.”

The changes will come into force in January.