Government approves controversial Sutton Bridge power station plan

Sutton Bridge Power Station'Photo:  SG280313-118TW ENGANL00120130328162639
Sutton Bridge Power Station'Photo: SG280313-118TW ENGANL00120130328162639
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A Government minister has given consent for a second power station to be built on the banks of the River Nene at Sutton Bridge.

EDF’s multi-million, combined-cycle power plant will dwarf the existing power station and produce up to 1800MW of electricity.

EDF is yet to make an “investment decision” to build and a company spokesman said yesterday that decision is not imminent.

The Government says construction would bring 1,500 jobs and there would be 50 jobs once the plant becomes operational.

The development was approved by Energy and Climate Change Minister Lord Bourne, who said: “Continued investment in this vital industry – such as this new power plant – creates jobs but also helps keep the lights on as we move towards a cleaner energy future.”

Campaigners who fought the plant are unhappy it was “nodded through” by South Holland District Council – who could have forced a public inquiry – and by the Government.

Opponent Jenny Rowe said: “They just seem to nod things through willy-nilly with no thoughts for residents.”

She described the consent as “bad news” for residents.