Grey Foxes, by Malcolm Duffey, February 12, 2016

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With computers, laptops, i phones, mobiles, we can work and connect with the whole world in seconds, although, as many of us know this can be a bit of a problem in rural Norfolk!

I have had lots of interesting surprises visiting different properties over the years. Looking at a cottage down a track in the middle of fields, and chatting to the owner I found that they had a very busy life producing items for TV costume dramas.

They loved their cottage, but their work had just outgrown the space and they needed a larger property.

Another time I was shown round a beautiful house, then looking around the garden found the summerhouse was piled high floor to ceiling with old files.

I used to visit houses with garages full of samples taken around the country by an owner who was a sales representative, but this has been replaced by online ordering and thriving e bay businesses run from home that keep their local post offices busy.

Garages used as small workshops; an office in the loft; kitchens gleaming and industrial for busy jam, pickle, cake making, or outside catering; gardens fenced for doggy day care; enough accommodation for a bed and breakfast business.

One purchaser was an author - not interested in the kitchen and bathroom fittings, just wanted peace and quiet and a lovely view from a study window to give them inspiration. Another purchaser was not interested in the size of the house but had to have enough garaging to work on their cars for racing.

Some people still work in a town or city and commute, working from home several days a week.

City living is so expensive nowadays that moving to the countryside may be the only affordable option for getting on the property ladder. Then the client needs room for an office, a road or railway nearby, probably a school.

Their partner may not always be so keen to leave the convenience of town life, so the property has to be just right to persuade them.

You can live and work anywhere now so long as you have a fridge freezer, a car a ‘phone and internet connection- and a local supermarket that delivers!

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