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Norfolk Chambers of Commerce member says successful businesses work at networking

Norfolk Chambers member Kathy Ennis was, by her own admission, an ‘out and out Londoner’.

A Suffolk childhood, and holidays in Norfolk, had though nurtured a dream of living by the sea. In August 2018 the opportunity to make that dream a reality presented itself and she, and her husband, grabbed it. Life rebooted in Old Hunstanton.

Kathy runs the ‘LittlePiggy’ consultancy business. She describes her business as, “helping business owners with an overwhelming passion for their product or service, who are not having the success they deserve or dream of. I do that by working with them to develop simple sensible, achievable action planning and engagement marketing strategies so they can find their route to secure, repeat, profitable income”.

Chris Sargisson. Picture by Fiona Burrage (15572588)
Chris Sargisson. Picture by Fiona Burrage (15572588)

Launching her business initially as what she calls a ‘micro side hustle’ Kathy was doing alright until recession hit. Ever positive, in the darkest of times Kathy made a big decision. She decided to learn about business. Not, as she puts it, ‘the fancy, fun, front-end stuff’, but the real nitty gritty.

She says now that the most important thing she learned was that to succeed you have to create a simple, sensible, achievable plan and just get on and do it.

What she learned she implemented. And she succeeded.

Kathy Ennis (15572590)
Kathy Ennis (15572590)

In implementing her plan Kathy had, as a skilled and experienced mentor and trainer, an array of business tools and techniques at her disposal. One of the most valuable proved to be one of the most tried and tested. It was networking. “I was blown away with the help, support and friendliness of many of the local business organisations, especially the Norfolk Chambers who were so supportive even before I became a member!

"I’m a true believer that you get out what you put in, so becoming involved and building new networks and friendships is essential, and the Chamber is helping with this.”

Her big decision, her plan, and her networking, changed her business, and her life. Ask her about her life and business now and she says: “I wouldn’t swap what I have now for what I had then – no way!”

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