Hunstanton workshop to give insight into ‘tapping away’ worries

Therapist Catherine Allen ANL-150121-093309001
Therapist Catherine Allen ANL-150121-093309001
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A workshop in Hunstanton will give people an insight into a therapy which can help them to literally “tap away” their worries and stress.

The three-hour event on Saturday, February 7, is being held by Catherine Allen, a master practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), whose business is based in Heacham.

EFT is a therapy based on acupuncture, psychology and kinesiology and is drug-free. It works on the principle of tapping pressure points on the body to allow energy to flow freely.

Catherine has personally gained benefits from the therapy which helped her with post traumatic stress disorder following the death of her son, cigarette addiction and a phobia of birds.

She said: “On reading about EFT and its endless possibilities and applications, I decided to have a session about my fear of birds. After one hour of working with a qualified master practitioner, the fear left me and I am now able to walk and enjoy nature as I have never done before.

“After such a convincing result, I decided to use EFT to quit smoking. I had one session, again with a qualified master practitioner, and at the of it, I was unconvinced. I carried on smoking, but did not enjoy it anymore.

“So one day I decided to stop, expecting to have to use patches as I had done before, but I stopped without using any nicotine replacement. I was quite amazed EFT had done its job.”

Catherine lost her son, Andrew, when he was only four months old, and for years had a recurring nightmare involving a baby. As the baby was not hers, she did not make the connection with her son’s death. With the help of EFT she was able to address the problem at the root of the nightmare and has since never experienced the same bad dream.

“EFT freed me from my problems, but it can help people with all kinds of conditions, such as anxiety, stress, fears, unresolved childhood traumas, lack of self-esteem, exams, fear of public speaking and many more,” said Catherine. “During the workshop I will show people how to tap and give them an insight into how this therapy can help them.”

The workshop runs from 9.30am to 12.30pm at Hunstanton Methodist Church and costs £35. For more information, contact Catherine on 01485 571936 or visit her website