#ThinkClear: police remind public of free water policy

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Lynn News Web Site Fillers

Free water must be offered to members of the public from licenced premises participating in the #ThinkClear initiative, Norfolk police say.

The scheme, which starts today, aims to reduce alcohol-related harm and the chances of becoming a victim of crime from drinking too much alcohol.

The participating premises will be giving out free water from specially designed canisters to their customers.

#ThinkClear campaign will be prominent over the weekend, where posters, vehicle graphics and the special canisters should be clearly displayed.

Sgt Amanda Lewis, of Norfolk police licensing team, said: “Often people forget that licenced premises offer tap water for free. Alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration and dehydration can lead to a reduced capacity to make good decisions.

“If you pace yourself on a night out it will be much more enjoyable for everyone. Water won’t make you less drunk but it will make you feel better and keep you thinking clearly.”