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Helping businesses around Norwich during the coronavirus crisis

With the UK and global economy on pause due to COVID-19, it is not surprising that many businesses are experiencing extreme financial difficulty despite supportive government interventions and significant new initiatives.

Financial packages, the like of which we have never seen before, are helping employers, employees, the self-employed, SMEs, and large organisations, and it is hoped that this will be sufficient for them to survive.

The nationwide lockdown has rendered businesses inoperable across almost all industries, however, and for many, the risks and uncertainties will continue for months even after restrictions are lifted.

Real Business Rescue can help you overcome the financial difficulties your business is currently experiencing (33880413)
Real Business Rescue can help you overcome the financial difficulties your business is currently experiencing (33880413)

This is why professional assistance may be key for many business owners, both in the midst of the crisis and longer-term. There is no time to waste - take action quickly and help your business survive.

Expert guidance from Real Business Rescue

Real Business Rescue is the UK’s foremost business rescue and recovery firm. We are dedicated to supporting businesses in Norwich and across East Anglia, helping directors and stakeholders understand their options and take positive action.

From our office in Norwich, partner Marco Piacquadio and his team will provide you with reliable, tailored advice on potential rescue and recovery measures that could save your business.

These are just some of the ways our expert team in our Norwich office can help you through this challenging time:

HMRC has expanded its Time to Pay scheme in the light of the coronavirus pandemic. The scheme offers businesses leeway in terms of the timescale for paying their tax arrears. Negotiations with the tax body can be daunting, however, and they take on even greater importance given the urgent need for more time to pay. Marco and his team can carry out these negotiations on your behalf, offering you a better chance of success.

We can identify whether emergence finance is required to save your business and contact appropriate lenders on your behalf where necessary. We have professional connections with a range of different lenders, and can also help you apply for the government-backed CBILS scheme where suitable.

Marco and his team can identify opportunities for restructuring your company if creditors are threatening legal action and the business needs to be protected.

Formal insolvency measures, such as Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs), allow businesses time to recover with a view to returning to profitability.

Marco is a licensed insolvency practitioner (IP) and can clearly present the most viable options for your business, providing sector-specific guidance on the best way to proceed. We will also accept appointment as liquidator if necessary, and make sure your business is closed down according to statutory procedures.

For more information on dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, please contact Marco and his team at your local Real Business Rescue office in Norwich. We can quickly arrange a free, same-day consultation in complete confidence.

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