Higher parking charges wrong for Hunstanton

Rotary President Adrian Evans with Vice President Carol Bower. MLNF15EB07225 ANL-150107-145036001
Rotary President Adrian Evans with Vice President Carol Bower. MLNF15EB07225 ANL-150107-145036001

Concerns about the level of charges in Hunstanton were discussed at a town council meeting last Friday following a request from councillor Mick Large.

Although charges were increased for all the car parks operated by West Norfolk Council in its budget in February, some prices imposed in Hunstanton are significantly higher than in Lynn.

And Mr Large called for answers on that and why some costs rise even further during the main summer period.

He told the meeting: “To penalise people who come to the town is wrong.”

Carol Bower said some charges were raised in July and August to reflect the fact that that is the high point of the resort’s tourist season.

Richard Bird also summarised the cuts made to the grant the borough receives from central government, which is due to be phased out altogether from 2020.

He said: “I take on board the concerns, but we have a lot of people here who don’t need to pay more rates.”

But, in some Hunstanton car parks, the rate for three hours of parking is a pound more than in Lynn during July and August, while some all day rates are as much as £6, around double the Lynn rate

And Mr Large questioned whether the town’s borough councillors were fighting the town’s corner on the issue, especially as Lynn is also promoted as a tourist destination.

He told Mr Bird: “You say they’re short of money? Put a pound on in King’s Lynn.”

Meanwhile, the town council has also reiterated its opposition to any proposals to introduce on-street parking charges to the resort.

The authority backed a committee recommendation to write to senior West Norfolk Council figures to make clear that neither it nor the town wanted the measures to come into force.

Proposals to implement charges in roads including Cliff Parade, Lincoln Square, Boston Square, St Edmunds Terrace, Le Strange Terrace and High Street were dropped last month, despite the support of West Norfolk Council.

The plan, which also included similar charges in Cromer and Sheringham, was shelved after North Norfolk District Council threatened to take legal action if the measures were proposed in their areas.