Hockwold cattery ‘change of use’ plans refused

Planning applications
Planning applications
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Plans to change the use of a cattery building in Hockwold have been refused by committee members.

The proposal to change the use of the Country Retreat Boarding Cattery premises from a cattery with offices, to a cattery with offices and residential accommodation had been deferred to yesterday’s planning committee after a meeting in January.

In a public report, planning officers said they felt there was “no need” for another dwelling on the site at White Dyke Farm, as “existing dwellings cater for this need”.

It also said: “It is clear that planning authorities should resist new isolated homes in the countryside unless there are special circumstances, and insufficient evidence has been submitted in support of this to demonstrate there is an essential need.”

Colin Smith, agent to the applicant, said: “The annex on the site is the only living unit, and it is too small to accommodate for all of their needs and is about 18 metres away from the cattery. They need residential accommodation within the cattery.”

But councillors agreed with the officers’ recommendation for refusal, which said that the new residential unit within the cattery would be in “an unsustainable and isolated location”.