Home plan ‘would remove eyesore’, Hunstanton councillors claim

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Planning Applications
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Proposals to build a new home in Hunstanton would remove a “potential eyesore” from the town, community leaders have claimed.

Members of West Norfolk Council’s planning committee have been urged to reject the proposal for the Workshop Store site, on Seagate Road, when they meet next Monday, March 5.

But the resort’s town council has backed the idea of building a home, once the existing building is demolished.

They say: “It would remove an incongruous and potential eyesore and a small house would make good use of the site.

“The neighbours have no objection either. It is recognised that there is a need to have a variety of types of dwelling and having no yard or garden suits some people very well.”

But borough planning officials said: “The proposed property is not considered to advocate good design principles and would be unduly incongruous in the street scene, contrary to planning policy.

“The property has no private amenity space associated with it, which is felt to be another problem with this proposal.”