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CGM Group of Downham Market rescues and rehomes swarm of honey bees

By Julie Graham, Business Editor

CGM Group based at Downham came to the rescue of a swarm of honey bees and successfully found them a new home.

The company were called out to deal with the swarm the size of a rugby ball on a company’s premises near Lynn.

The bees had started to attach themselves to a step ladder on a Friday and over the weekend the nest grew to about 500 bees. CGM Group were called in to capture the bees and rehome them to a local bee keeper.

The bees took up residence on a step ladder (13390641)
The bees took up residence on a step ladder (13390641)

Usually bees swarm in April or May so it was quite late for them to swarm in late June. Bees swarm when the hive grows too big, so the queen produces another queen who flies away with a number of drones to find a new nest.

If they grow tired whilst flying and haven’t found a new nest, they will find a resting place and wait for the queen to fly again.

The honey bee swarm was the size of a rugby ball (13390626)
The honey bee swarm was the size of a rugby ball (13390626)

Graham Masters, head of operations, Environmental Services at CGM Group, said: “We moved most of the bees into a cardboard box. The queen is usually twice the size of the drones, and we knew we had the queen when the other drones followed her into the box. Luckily there was a local beekeeper nearby so the bees didn’t have to stay long in the box.

“Our pest control team love bees so we always try to rehome them. Bees are an important part of the ecosystem so we all should look after them. Sometimes bees swarm a in strange place, like a step ladder, which isn’t convenient so need to be moved.”

If you need help or advice with a bee’s nest call CGM Group on 0800 160 1199 or visit the website at www.cgmltd.co.uk

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