Hong Kong to Great Massingham in 365 days

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FORMER lawyer Theodore Brun, 34, is making his way from one end of the world to another as he cycles from Hong Kong to his home in Great Massingham.

Covering 16,000km and eight different time zones in the space of just one year, the Cambridge University graduate plans to return home at the end of this month using nothing but pedal power to make it.

He said, “I’m just young enough still to be doing something mildly absurd like cycling halfway across the world. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be any older – I have enought creaking joints now as it is.”

After leaving Hong Kong back in October 2010, Mr Brun travelled his way across China where he stayed for the winter months to teach English in a university before continuing with his mission in April 2011.

Since then, he has cycled across the Gobi Desert, Azerbaijan, Turkey, the Ukraine, Russia, Vienna and Munich to name a few.

His mother, Elizabeth Brun, 68, said: “It’s been terrifying to think of him cycling solo across the Gobi desert and sometimes not hearing from him for over a week to know he’s safe. It was horrible, but the more he got on, the more confident we were that he could do it.

“He just met the most wonderful people, wherever he went people were offering him food and a bed, and much more in some cases.

“He’s been invited to weddings in Azerbaijan and met shepherds in the hills of Kazakhstan.

“Other than that, it’s been just him and his Ipod to motivate him.”

While completing this epic task, Mr Brun continues to ask for sponsorship and support for the two causes he is cycling in aid of:

The Harry Mahon Cancer Trust which raises money to purchase state of the art machines for diagnosing cancer, this is a cause that remains close to Mr Brun’s heart after being coached by Harry Mahon himself as a rower at Cambridge University.

Wellspring International is a organisation that helps vulnerable people living overseas, particularly women and children by rescuing them from their situations and helping them to rebuild their lives.

If you wish to read more about Theodore Brun’s cycling exploits or make a donation, you’ll find his blog at www.asfaraseastisfromwest.com