How Lynn News reported VE Day

Copy picture from LN&A VE Day Feature ANL-150424-144517009
Copy picture from LN&A VE Day Feature ANL-150424-144517009
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This is what the Lynn News & Advertiser was reporting in its pages of the VE Day special, 70 years ago today.

Lynn and West Norfolk is celebrating Victory in Europe with spontaneous rejoicings in which old and young have joined in a spirit of heartfelt gratitude and genuine neighbourliness.

There have been street parties, with children and helpers decked out in red white and blue.

There have been bonfires, large and small, with fireworks of mysterious origin but undoubted potency.

Young people have sung songs, old and new, until well past midnight. They have danced in the open and under cover.

Everywhere there has been a gay background of flags, bunting, streamers, banners and decorations, saved from pre-war Christmas parties and Coronation and Jubilee rejoicings. Many more tea parties are planned.

The shops have mostly been closed during the two official days’ holiday. Public houses have been open for as long as limited supplies warranted; they have been packed to the doors with good humoured crowds, and there has been some heart y community singing.

Services have been held in churches and chapels and have been remarkably well attended. Further united services are planned for Sunday (May 13) with church parades of Home Guard and Civil Defence and pre-Service organisations.

In many homes Victory in Europe has been tempered by thoughts of men fighting and about to fight in the Far East. Mothers, wives and relatives realise that their menfolk have a tough task ahead; while they hope it will be over before long, they are not in any mood for happy-go-lucky throwing up of hats.

Many who have lost loved ones since September, 1939, have been reminded anew during these days of general happiness of the price which has been paid in the fight against Nazi tyranny.

Lynn’s aldermen and councillors drank a toast to the men and women of the Forces in the card room at the Town Hall after their quarterly meeting.

The Mayor, Mr G.R.Jermyn, proposed the toast in cordial terms, referring to the sacrifices which have been made in the common cause. He said: “Their efforts have brought us Victory in Europe. Let us drink to them and may they soon be home again.”