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How to buy, sell, and manage your Bitcoins: A beginners guide

In early 2021, Bitcoin reached a record high again. It is hard to predict the future of cryptocurrencies, but their popularity is still undeniable. With Elon Musk investing in the market, more and more individuals are considering partaking in it. But how exactly can you buy, sell, and manage crypto funds?

Bitcoin is gradually becoming mainstream, although institutions are still wary. Obtaining cryptocurrency today is easier than ever. For instance, you can buy Bitcoin with a Visa card from Trastra and use it like any other regular card - withdraw cash, make purchases, etc. Here are the basics of crypto operations.

As of this writing, a single Bitcoin costs a staggering 50,697.40 US dollars. Just six months ago, on May 28, 2020, this price was only 9,428.92.1 US dollars! The volatility is spectacular, and buying a single Bitcoin is pricey. Fortunately, you can get a fraction - as little as 100-millionth of a whole coin. This smallest unit is called Satoshi.

Bitcoin (45302418)
Bitcoin (45302418)

The first option is buying the cryptocurrency straight from a digital wallet provider. Please note that charges may apply. Alternatively, you may purchase locally through specialty websites. Users meet in public places and exchange Bitcoin for cash. Naturally, scammers have tried to exploit this system in the past.

The EU residents may get digital wallets to manage Bitcoin and other currencies (Altcoins) from one app. For instance, you may have a diversified set with Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and BitcoinCash. Such wallets come with IBAN accounts, so you may also send Euros. Another benefit is the five-layer security, including 2-factor authorization. A wallet with a debit card is even more attractive:

● convert your Bitcoins and Altcoins to Euros instantly so that you can pay in any online or offline store;

● store, send, receive and manage payments via the same app;

● exchange to Euros and withdraw cash in any ATM;

● enjoy transfers to and from other wallets globally.

Holding a bitcoin digital currency with laptop in background.. (45302425)
Holding a bitcoin digital currency with laptop in background.. (45302425)

Only a limited number of retailers, such as Shopify, accept direct Bitcoin payments. However, you may get a crypto debit card and pay for purchases in Euros like you would do with a regular Visa. This means paying in any store, online or offline, which accepts the global payment system.

In this context, 'selling' is exchanging: whatever crypto you hold in your wallet, simply exchange it to Euros via the TRASTRA app and withdraw cash.

Just select the option and specify the amount. However, if you want to trade crypto, that has to be done through a crypto exchange or peer-to-peer.

The easiest way to buy and sell crypto is through a digital wallet linked to a debit card. Thanks to multilayer security and an IBAN account, the system

provides the ultimate freedom of payments. Transfer funds to your card, pay

for purchases, or withdraw cash - it's all fast, easy and secure.

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