Hundreds enter a Norse world at Lynn’s Hanse House

Fun in the Minecraft game for this pupil from Lynn's Whitefriars School
Fun in the Minecraft game for this pupil from Lynn's Whitefriars School
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More than 800 people accepted the invitation to take part in “The Nine Realms” and experience Norse mythology, magic and mystery in Lynn.

The project, with its tag-line Vikings Ahoy, was staged over five days at The Gallery in Hanse House and entranced people of all age groups as it brought the Norse world to life.

“Overall it was a complete success and exceeded my expectations,” said the organiser Nicky Mortlock, of ArtiPeeps. “It took nearly a year to produce, but it has been a real labour of love.

“Hanse House itself was a perfect venue. The gallery became quite atmospheric with the lighting, a starry sky and the Northern Lights.”

Looking back over the five days and some of the highlights, Nicky said: “The schools’ day was especially wonderful with the 60 children from Whitefriars School attending and they loved our Yggdrasil Minecraft game which allowed them to explore the Norse world any mythology in an enjoyable way. We couldn’t get them off it.

“In fact, Norse mythology was everywhere as we had one child turning up with the name Freyja, one of the Norse goddesses, and another child called Loki, the God of Mischief!

“Our poetry and art workshops also went exceedingly well and we had good feedback; we made them free, to decrease barriers to participation, which I think was a good thing.

“Overall I think our combination of poetry, art, music, comics, and minecraft really did ‘Magic the Norse world to life’ and subtly introduced the Poetic and Prose Eddas to new audiences – a success. Everyone went away having learnt a new skill and I couldn’t be more pleased with that.

“We took people around the Nine Realms via poetry readings and wherever possible getting poets and artists to talk about their poetry and art. It was a real privilege to hear them and a very personal way to communicate.

“Overall the general public and the schools love what we’re doing and want us to go into schools with our work. This is a brilliant position for us to be in.”

Nicky was also pleased to report that five paintings were sold, including some pieces from the international artists.

The Nine Realms was supported with public funds by Arts Council England and Norfolk County Council and Nicky is now preparing evaluation reports for them, but following the success of the Lynn project, she is thinking ahead and possibly making a bid for a national tour – and possibly overseas as well.