Hunstanton launches Poppy Appeal

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Veterans were joined by the 1st Hunstanton Brownies in remembering the Fallen at the launch of the Poppy Appeal in Hunstanton, with an Act of Remembrance at the

cemetery on Saturday at 11am.

Conducted by Fr John Bloomfield with the Exhortation spoken by Roy Evans, each of the graves of the British and Polish servicemen buried in Hunstanton was marked with a cross by the Brownies.

The Standard Bearers were Sharon Wagg and Tony Spinks while Alf Ball sounded Last Post and Reveille.

Wearing his medals for the occasion, Sid Miller, who is standing next to the standard bearers in the photograph, said: “This year it is a hundred years since the outbreak of the First World War and it is important that we remember those brave service personnel who fought for our freedom.”

Chloe Cousins from 1st Serviceman’s grave.

Hunstanton Brownies places a cross on a Polish