Hunstanton pier supports dug up

Hunstanton pier columns removed from beach. Picture: ELAINE BIRD
Hunstanton pier columns removed from beach. Picture: ELAINE BIRD

The remains of the pier have been removed from the shore in Hunstanton as they have been deemed to be a possible danger to beach users.

The work was undertaken by West Norfolk Council and led to numerous large iron supports, some filled with concrete, being dug out by mechanical diggers.

Hunstanton Civic Society had argued that the supports formed part of a listed building and should remain.

But changes to the shoreline meant they were now too exposed to be left.

However, at least some trace of them will remain as four of the struts have been given to the Civic Society and it is hoped that they will join one salvaged four years’ ago which now sits in a flower bed marking where the pier stood originally on the Green.

John Maiden, of the civic society, said: “We argued that this is our Seahenge and that it should be left in situ – after all there are umpteen things on the beach that could be construed a danger.

“But to be fair, the council does have a duty to make sure people aren’t injured surfing and so on, so we accepted they had to be removed.

“The borough council was very cooperative in giving us the supports, which are 5-6ft long and iron and embedded in concrete. They are currently in a member’s garden until we decided what we are going to do with them. the aim is to have them dotted around the town.”

The pier was built in 1868 but had a chequered history. there was a big fire in 1939 and it finally was washed away in a surge in 1978.