Hunstanton Rotarians give mock interviews to students

Rotarians have joined up with Smithdon HighS chool for the 2016 series of mock interviews for Year 11 students to practice interview skills.

The pupils were at Hunstanton’s United Services Club on Wednesday, where Lee Scarisbrick, accompanied them.

He is responsible for work-related learning at Smithdon School.

He said: “After consultation with the UEA and the College of West Anglia, I’ve developed a new set of open ended questions that give more opportunity for follow up questions from Rotarians making the whole process much more like an interview for a job or place at college or university.

“None of the youngsters have any prior knowledge of the questions and it will be interesting to hear how the new feedback form helps students identify the areas they need to work on.”

Once all the interviews had finished the president of Hunstanton and District Rotary, Richard Shaw, said: “It is always a great privilege to be involved in the Mock Interviews with Smithdon School.  

“It is a valuable opportunity for students to have the chance to be interviewed before they start happening for real.  

“Honest feedback given in a constructive way gives all of them a chance to learn fromour experience and prepare for their next interview at school, further education, apprenticeship or work life - anything that can give you an edge enhances the chance of success.  

“For Hunstanton and District Rotary it is part of a broad relationship with our very own senior school; we have seen great progress over recent years and are committed to giving the young people in Hunstanton and the area the best possible motivation to progress through to sixth form, college, university or employment.  

“We have some real talent in the area and dedicated and equally talented teaching andsupport staff.  

“These precious resources need nurturing and we are doing our best to support the school in doing this.”