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Hunstanton sanctuary says goodbye to Pendle the seal

Pendle the seal
Pendle the seal

Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary staff have said a bittersweet goodbye to Pendle the seal after he was moved to Scarborough.

Pendle, who was raised from a week old, has joined a colony of adult male seals.

It is believed the terrified pup had been abandoned by his mother on Old Hunstanton Beach and was suffering with a puncture wound above one eye.

Hollie said: “It really was a bittersweet goodbye for us – we adore all our creatures but Pendle has a very special place in all our hearts because we rescued him when he was just one-week-old and he was so vulnerable because of the suspected damage to his brain.

“It is very sad it wasn’t possible for us to keep him at Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary indefinitely but at the present time we wish to avoid accidental captive breeding as our pool has reached capacity.”

She added: “We’re so proud Pendle is now in the best possible health and mature enough to live with Scarborough Sea Life Centre’s resident male seals.

“It’s a fantastic achievement, both for us and for him and we are going to miss him an awful lot.”

Though two months of rehabilitation in Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary’s seal hospital restored Pendle’s general health, staff noticed he was progressing far more slowly than other pups his age and spending a lot of time upside down.

Sanctuary seal experts feared brain damage, possibly caused by a bullet, which would explain the mysterious puncture wound the pup had when he was found but an x-ray in October 2012 proved inconclusive.

Along with his favourite toy of a life ring, Pendle was chauffeured the 155 miles to his new abode by Hollie, the aquarist who first rescued him back in 2012.

He joins Bubbles, Mando, Bruno, Herbie and Ed at Scarborough Sea Life Centre.

Scarborough Sea Life Centre curator Lyndsey Crawford said: “We were absolutely delighted to offer Pendle a home for life. He is already getting along brilliantly with the other chaps in our resident seal pool; they are all very friendly and have welcomed him with open flippers.”

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