Hunstanton school’s plans to close swimming pool

Smithdon High School Exterior ENGANL00120121217142029
Smithdon High School Exterior ENGANL00120121217142029
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Sports facilities could be improving at a school after leaders have decided to replace a swimming pool.

The Governing board of Smithdon High School in Hunstanton have now decided to decommission the old pool.

An all weather multi-sports area could be created as a result of the plans to scrap the indoor pool.

Pupils will be able to use the town’s public pool at the Alive Oasis centre, which is based in Seagate Road.

A school statements says’ “The Governors of Smithdon High School have reviewed the use of the school’s ageing swimming pool and come to the conclusion that it no longer represents value for money.

“They have therefore decided to decommission the pool and release funds to invest in a range of other educational priorities, including the potential for an all-weather multi-sports area.

“With a public swimming pool a few hundred yards from the school, it is felt that both the school’s students and the local community might better benefit from an all-weather sports facility, available all year round.”

People in the community had rallied around in the early 1970s to raise money to create the pool with sponsored walks and other activities.

The move was taken after the public swimming pool was closed at the end of the summer season in 1967.

Former teacher and governor John Maiden said: “I think closing a teaching swimming pool is a retrograde step, particularly in a seaside town when learning to swim could save someone’s life.”