Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary revealed penguin as a Mc-boy

Fluffy McFluffy Face
Fluffy McFluffy Face

Celebrations are taking place at Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary as staff reveal the gender of the baby penguin who hit headlines in May after being called Fluffy McFluffy Face.

Fluffy McFluffy Face captured hearts across the UK when he was born three-months-ago, and photos released by sanctuary staff showed a small, exceptionally fluffy ball of feathers weighing just 92 grams.

Penguin specialist at Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary, Natalie Emmerson said: “We are delighted to announce Fluffy McFluffy Face is a boy.

“Visitors have been so interested in his story since he appeared in the news in May and were asking our animal care team almost daily whether they knew if the baby penguin chic was a boy or a girl, but we couldn’t perform the DNA test until he had grown his waterproof feathers.

“Now we finally know he’s a boy and can make plans for his future.”

The tiny chick was the first to be born at the sanctuary following a Humboldt penguin captive breeding programme designed to help secure a brighter future for the endangered birds.