‘I owe my life to my wife’, says Hunstanton heart attack patient

Denise and Rob Hunt at home in Hunstanton, with 4 month old puppy Hannah ANL-150209-080300009
Denise and Rob Hunt at home in Hunstanton, with 4 month old puppy Hannah ANL-150209-080300009
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A husband has said he owes his life to his wife after she began to revive him when he suffered a heart attack at their seaside home.

Rob Hunt is now recovering at his home in Hunstanton little more than two weeks after he was taken ill there.

The 62-year-old has praised the paramedics and air ambulance crews who came to his aid after the attack.

But he says the greatest debt he owes is to Denise, his wife of 38 years, who raised the alarm and began to resuscitate him after he stopped breathing.

He said: “She’s the one who saved me. Had she not been there, I don’t think I’d be here now.”

Rob, who had no previous history of heart disease, was taken ill at the couple’s home in Astley Crescent on the morning of August 18.

Denise said, that while she had initially thought he was snoring, she realised something was seriously wrong when Rob didn’t respond when she tried to wake him up.

She said: “I shot off and called 999 and told them he was having a heart attack. He was just completely gone.

“They told me to put him on his back and remove all pillows, which I did, and within two or three seconds he’d stopped breathing.”

While ambulance control staff talked Denise through what to do next, she revealed that the couple’s four-month-old puppy, Hannah, had offered her own advice by jumping up onto the bed and putting her front paws on Rob.

She said: “I remember looking across and thinking I’ve got to do that.”

She added that, as she was trying to revive him, she recalled his battle against lymphoma, a form of cancer, seven years ago.

“When I was doing the CPR, I was shouting at him saying ‘You’re not going anywhere’.”

Paramedics were at the house within three or four minutes and took over the resuscitation work.

An air ambulance followed shortly afterwards to fly Rob to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

Denise praised their efforts as “absolutely fantastic” and said it was them who Rob owes his life to.

But she played down her own role in the emergency effort.

She said: “I’ve never done it before. It was just instinctive. I had to do something.”

Rob is currently awaiting the results of further scans, but Denise said she thought he would want to do something in support of the crews who helped him when he has fully recovered.

The couple, who have lived in Hunstanton for the past 12 years, are keen supporters of the West Norfolk branch of the Guide Dogs charity.