‘Idle’ rubbish dumpers warned over Heacham pit

Village sign. ENGANL00120121025131841
Village sign. ENGANL00120121025131841
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Action will be taken against apparently “idle” residents who continue to dump rubbish in a village pond, community leaders have warned.

Photographs showing the state of Heacham’s Brays Pit were shown to parish councillors when they met on Tuesday evening.

As well as numerous bags of rubbish, one of the pictures even showed a pipe that is thought to run from a nearby home.

Chairman Michael Williamson condemned the pictures as “disgusting.”

And clerk Lynne Butters said she would be writing to residents in the area asking them to stop throwing rubbish into the pit.

She said they would be warned that action would be taken if the problem persisted.

But vice-chairman Daniel Parton suggested residents should also be reminded that the village’s recycling centre is now open every day, after a decision to reduce its operating hours was reversed.

The centre has been open seven days a week since June, having previously had its operations cut to four days a week. The Docking centre also had its hours cut, in order to save money, before the decision was reversed.

He asked: “Is it worthwhile pointing out there are facilities available?”

But Terry Parish said those who dumped rubbish were “just idle.”