Important to adddress the need for social balance

Nwes business advisor Harry Harris
Nwes business advisor Harry Harris
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I like to read. Rather boring as it might sound, I really only read books on business, or history that has a bearing on business.

Just recently, I have linked my passion of business with one of my other indulgences – social issues. I have always been an advocate of businesses which have a social benefit to them, and it may appear that these are now needed more than ever. However, it was during a conversation with my friend, Robert Ashton, or the ‘Barefoot Entrepreneur’, that the subject really sprang to life again.

Two pieces of work on my book shelf jumped out at me – Charles Handy’s The Second Curve and Henry Mintzberg’s The Plural Society. Now, I have read these wonderful texts before, but with all that has happened in 2016, I thought a revisit may be worthwhile.

Charles Handy, a renowned leader in management and strategic thinking, and Mintzberg, thought of as one of the great strategic minds, in their latest works are definitely talking of the need for a shift. Mintzberg is warning of the need for business to break away from the profit for profits sake, neo-classical models that have seen large corporations take a hold on society. While Handy is talking of a need for radical change, to break the dangers of the status quo. However, what they both underline is the real danger of society being out of balance.

In my position as a business advisor in West Norfolk, I see many amazing people who run small businesses. They all have the power to make a real difference to themselves, their families and the societies they live in. It is in the dynamic structure of these adaptive new businesses that balance can be restored, and a new form of business can rise. I am very proud to work with these deliverers of difference, and to learn as much from them, as them from I. In fact, so proud, I might just write a book!

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