In or Out? Our King’s Lynn poll suggests most want to leave EU, but many undecided

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Leave or Remain? It’s the question that will dominate politics over the next few months as Britain decides whether its future lies in or out of the European Union.

But, while most national opinion polls are currently suggesting voters will choose to stay in, many of those we spoke to on the streets of Lynn were ready to leave.

Today, we asked 100 people how they intend to vote on June 23, either in or out, or whether they were undecided.

Of those who said they had made up their minds one way or the other, support for the Leave campaign outnumbered votes to stay by almost three to one: 43 to 15.

Some of those in the Out camp said they had also voted against Britain’s membership of what was then the European Economic Community (EEC) when Britain last held a referendum on the issue in 1975.

But for many, like the town’s MP Sir Henry Bellingham who revealed he would be voting to leave the union earlier this week, controlling the nation’s borders was a crucial concern.

“Immigration is the big thing”, said Lee Kelly, who argued that the reform agreement struck by prime minister David Cameron last week wasn’t enough.

She said: “He’s left it a bit too late.”

However, Patrick Walsh, who said he would be voting to stay in the union, said trade and employment were the key issues.

He said: “We’re not a big country. We need the EU for jobs, certainly around this area.”

And, despite the large proportion of Out supporters, 42 of our 100 were undecided about how to vote.

And, while a few said they weren’t aware a referendum was taking place at all, most said they needed to know more about the issues at stake before they vote.

One, Lorraine Langchild, said she was making it her mission to seek as much information as possible in the coming months to help her make an informed decision.

She said: “I feel I’m reasonably well informed, but I feel terrified about taking a vote that is so important to coming generations.”