Ingoldisthorpe lake Springside and Bear Lake at Outwell dominate catches

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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The last seven days have been very rewarding for anglers fishing either Bear Lake or Springside, writes Darren Reed.

Springside has again been consistently fishing well, with tench to 5lb showing well on corn. Pellet has also been rewarding for the smaller carp to 7lb. Boilies have been used to target the larger carp with resounding results, a 19lb common has been reported which is the biggest recorded so far this season.

Carp-style tactics have certainly been rewarding on this lake as the majority of the bigger carp fell victim to this style of angling.

Roach and rudd have also been feeding very well with catches to over 20lb reported.

Maggot, caster and bread has all been used on the pole whip and waggler to catch the awaiting silvers.

Bear Lake continues to dominate as catches over 100lb are coming very thick and fast, multiple catches are being recorded all through the week at any time of the day. Method feeder has again been the most successful method used to tempt the carp into feeding. No monsters reported this week but average stamp carp to 7lb have been feeding aggressively. A straight bomb presenting a hard banded pellet has also been a popular way of attracting the carp. Best baits this week have been pellet, meat and corn.

Queen’s Lake: Bream to nearly 7lb have been showing well when using traditional bream-style tactics. Open ended cage feeder loaded with ground bait and a few maggots has bought some very good results for the bream and skimmers to 2lb. Pellet and maggot has been the most rewarding baits, pinkie and caster has scored well on the waggler and whip for the roach and rudd.

Shepherd’s Lake: Bream have been the more dominant feeders during the last seven days, Bream to 7lb have been reported when using either a method or cage feeder presenting pellet as a hook bait. Corn has also been successful. Carp to 12lb have also been showing on a standard method feeder or carp style feeders. Carp baits have been used with some success. Top baits this week have been pellet, corn and boilie.

Ken Hill: Catches over 20lb are becoming regular on this roach and rudd paradise, whip and pole are the most used method catching quality roach and rudd when offering corn or maggot as a hook bait.

Tottenhill: Bream to 5lb are showing well on the waggler when offering corn and pellet as a hook bait.

Carp to an average of 8lb showing on the method feeder/ carp style feeder, banded flavoured pellet and boilies have been the better baits to produce good results. Roach also feed well when targeted.

l Lynn fen match anglers descended upon Narborough fisheries for their second match of the new series.

Despite the warm weather the F1s decided to shy away from the baits on offer, but a good and close match was enjoyed on this normally prolific water. Big weights had been forecast but only smaller F1s and the odd carp were feeding.

Results: 1 Steve Locke 47lb 3oz, 2 Tom Callaghan 45lb 9oz, 3 Paulie Robbins 38lb 1oz. Special thanks to Russell at Narborough fisheries.