Injured owl chick being cared for at East Winch Wildlife Centre

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A tawny owl chick is being hand-reared by the RSPCA after he became tangled in chicken netting.

The fluffy owlet, found trapped in Great Massingham, was cut free by his rescuers before being taken to the RSPCA’s East Winch Wildlife Centre near Lynn.

The chick has a graze on his nose and an infected wound under its wing from the chicken netting.

On admission to East Winch Wildlife Centre yesterday, the vet thoroughly examined the little bird.

He found bruising to his wing and a wound underneath so has started the owlet on a course of antibiotics for five days.

The little bird is now being looked after in a quiet room used for birds of prey at the Centre where he can be kept warm.

The centre is feeding him by hand three times a day until he is able to fend for himself.

Alison Charles, manager of the RSPCA’s East Winch Animal Centre, said: “This poor little chap had apparently got himself so tangled in chicken netting that he had to be cut out.

“He has got an infected wound but we’re doing everything we can for him. Hopefully he’ll make a full recovery and we’ll be able to release him back into the wild where he belongs.”

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