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Inside the collapsing shed teens are using to start fires in Downham Market

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A resident has shown concern following a string of fires at a shed near a nature reserve started by a group of teenagers.

A rubbish fire was reported on the Norfolk and Fire and rescue service at 17.40 on Daisy Lane in Downham.

A Downham resident spoke to the Lynn News about numerous incidents of a similar nature.

A Downham resident spoke to the Lynn News about numerous incidents of a similar nature.

She said: "The shed is unstable and a lot of people are worried it could fall on the kids inside. Not to mention there are small children and families nearby, if the shed were to collapse debris

could cause injury to someone nearby."

The Downham local has had to call the fire service on many occasions after smelling and seeing smoke coming from the shed.

She said: "Sometimes it's weekly, I actually know the firemen pretty well now they've been out here so many times.

"People on the road are very worried, they've even had to leave their homes late at night due to reports of fire. I don't know what these kids are doing, the roof could fall on their heads

and kill them."

The shed is on Daisy Lane near the Willows Nature reserve. The roof is in a state of disrepair and there is glass and litter strewn everywhere, as well as the remnants of fires.

There are many discarded cans of alcohol but no signs of drug paraphernalia.

The walls have been covered with graffiti, some with references to drug use and a semi-burned sofa sits near the entrance.

The resident said: "Things went pretty quiet during the pandemic, people in the area hadn't seen any fires, but now it seems they have started up again. The parents need to give them a

good talking to."

The shed is reportedly owned by an elderly gentleman who was known around the town as 'Scolesy',of Hunstanton, residents do not know if the shed has passed on to his estate.

Gas canisters can be seen nearby, which are a significant fire hazard.

The fire service has advised residents in the area to capture a video and contact the police.

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